OK Couple Facing Child Abuse Charges For Allegedly Attempting To Smother Baby, Shooting Kids With BB Gun

An Oklahoma City couple has been arrested after being reported for child abuse. According to Opposing Views, an unnamed woman reported the two after witnessing their alleged abusive actions toward the children while spending a night in their home. It has been reported that the woman who spent a night with the two suspects -- identified as Jamie Goodin and Jacob Baker -- reported them to local authorities after witnessing what has been claimed to be their disturbing interactions with the children

According to KFOR, the woman stated that she witnessed Goodin place a pillow over her crying 7-month-old daughter's face to keep her from crying. She revealed that she had to personally remove the pillow from the baby's face. However, that's not all. In addition to abuse allegations, the woman also reported threats that Goodin made to the children, telling one in particular that she would "break her neck if she did not shut up and leave her alone." Baker has also been accused of pointing and firing a BB gun at one of the girls. The witness stated that he nearly shot the girl in the face.

Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow with the Oklahoma City Police Department has released a statement recounting the woman's statements about her stay with Goodin and Baker. "They met a woman there who said that she had been at a nearby residence. She said that she witnessed a woman putting a pillow over a small infant, attempting to suffocate the child," Sgt. Wardlow said. "Through this investigation, we learned that not only had this incident happened, but apparently where BB guns had been pointed at the children, threats had been made."

Although the child abuse allegations were initially based on speculation, apparently, there is further evidence to support the credibility of the woman's claims. Apparently, there are medical records of the infant's previous hospitalization. At that particular time, EMSA crews stated that the baby appeared to be malnourished. It was also reported that the baby showed signs of abuse and neglect, including bruises and the "worst case of diaper rash they had ever seen." A CT scan also revealed the baby had a "brain bleed" identified as a subdural hematoma.

"We learned that the 7-month-old, once at the hospital, had some type of a brain bleed… a serious head injury.
"A very sad situation, obviously they're in a better place right now," Sgt. Wardlow said. "Had she [the woman who helped the children] not called, it's possible. I mean, who knows how much longer these children would have stayed in this environment. They could have been more seriously injured or even killed."

Goodin has been charged with two counts of child abuse, while Baker is facing two counts of possession of CDS in the presence of a minor. Both have been booked into the Oklahoma County Jail.

[Image via Oklahoma City Police Department]