Why Girls Like Mia Khalifa, Kendra Sunderland Embrace The Online Sex Industry

Mia Khalifa and Kendra Sunderland have a lot in common. Both women have made headlines for unapologetically dipping their toes into the online sex industry. Mia Khalifa made a name for herself when she performed graphic sexual acts while wearing a hijab, while Kendra Sunderland became an overnight sensation for her OSU library video that went viral.

But Mia Khalifa and Kendra Sunderland are more than just adult film stars. They’re college students who supplement their income by embracing the online sex industry. There are other women like Khalifa and Sunderland who want to make money either by filming porn or becoming a “camgirl.”

Take Valerie. She’s one of the 10,000 female performers on MyGirlFund, where men pay these women to chat, create custom photos and videos, and to perform sexual acts via a live webcam. Valerie followed in Mia and Kendra’s footsteps in the online sex industry when she realized that she still couldn’t make ends meet with two part-time jobs.

“I used to be a manager of an adult store, so I guess I always played around with the idea of camming or any kind of sex work. My family has no money, so when this opportunity came up, I was like, ‘Wow this is real, I can do this, I’m comfortable with it, it’s really gonna make a difference.'”

Kendra Sunderland, 19, was the latest girl to bring camming into the spotlight. In her most recent interview, Sunderland said that she wanted to take her career into the centerfolds of Playboy and Penthouse. Sunderland also discussed the downsides of camming, such as losing her friends and family.

In addition, she’s no longer invited on the Oregon State University campus. Kendra’s also been banned from performing on MyFreeCams (where she started camming) for violating the site’s guidelines when it comes to performing in a public place.

As for Mia Khalifa, 22, she’s become known more for her controversial tweets rather than her pornographic films. She also made headlines when she called out Buffalo Bills player Duke Williams for trying to hit on her on the social networking site. Two weeks later, it was revealed that Khalifa nearly avoided a cheating scandal since it’s been reported that Duke Williams is dating RHOA star Porsha Williams.

Now the Lebanese-born adult film actress has been accused of getting her fifteen minutes of fame. An inside source told Radar Online that Porsha is not threatened by Mia’s revelations.

“Porsha is unbothered by the whole situation. The girl was just looking for her 15 minutes of fame.”

Mia Khalifa is doing just fine on her own though. With over 1.5 million views, Khalifa became the most-searched adult film actress on Pornhub. She also received her share of controversy by drawing criticism from those in the Middle East, who believe she’s a disgrace to the country of Lebanon.

It looks like more college girls are looking up to Mia Khalifa and Kendra Sunderland when it comes to getting into the online sex industry. It doesn’t matter how much controversy these ladies have made. As more college girls join sites like MyFreeCams, MyGirlFund or Pornhub, there will be more Kendra Sunderland or Mia Khalifa stories to come.