Meg Ryan Has Reappeared And She Looks Nothing Like She Used To Look — Friends Freaked Out

Meg Ryan was always one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood. Fans loved her in just about every single role she ever played and for her beauty which was so immense and so perfectly natural. Well, Ryan hadn’t done a lot of work recently, but she does star in two films set in 2015. Now, she’s reemerged and she looks nothing like she used to look.

As the Houston Chronicle reports, Meg Ryan has been spotted looking very different than usual.

Meg Ryan cosmetic surgery 2

Now, Meg Ryan has never come right out and admitted that she has had any work done or cosmetic plastic surgery, but major rumors are swirling. The belief is that she didn’t just undergo any kind of plastic surgery, but some major work was done.

Not only is there speculation of her having work done, but friends are apparently worried about what has happened to her. They’re concerned that she’s getting to the point where she’s almost unrecognizable.

“It’s rumored Meg had a facelift and fillers. Actually, it’s obvious because her forehead and the area between her eyes don’t move.”

The 53-year-old Meg Ryan does look very different from when she starred in When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless In Seattle. She doesn’t look bad at all, and no one has said she does. They just say she looks different.

meg ryan new look 2015

E! Online was there in early July when she appeared at Paris Fashion Week, and it was her first official public appearance since April of 2014. She stepped out in a form-fitting black dress with just a little bit of makeup and looked stunning.

She hasn’t been in a film since Serious Moonlight back in 2009, but she does have two movies coming out this year. Fan Girl was released in limited fashion on June 17.

The other is called Ithaca and it is set for release on New Year’s Eve. Meg Ryan is one of the leads and plays opposite none other than Tom Hanks. Ithaca also stars Sam Shepard, Christine Nelson, Melanie Griffith, and Ryan’s son Jack Quaid.

There are those who believe the actress has had “way too much Botox,” but others are still standing by her and believe she would come right out and say if she had work done. For now, Meg Ryan is simply trying to rejuvenate her career, and she’s doing quite well so far.

It may never be officially known if Meg Ryan has had any work done or cosmetic surgery, but she still looks amazing and is still working. That alone states that whatever she is doing, she’s doing a lot of things right.

[Images via Getty Images – Pascal Le Segretain/Splash]