Carter Reynolds: Vine Star Accused Of Rape Gets Kicked Out Of VidCon, Goes On Angry Rant

Carter Reynolds is still in hot water for a video many believe to show him raping then-girlfriend Maggie Lindemann, with the Vine star getting berated by fans and getting kicked out of the industry's biggest convention this weekend.

Reynolds appeared in a video leaked last month that showed him appearing to pressure Lindemann into having sex. In the video, Lindemann said she was uncomfortable having sex on camera, but Reynolds continued to pressure her, saying "pretend [the camera] isn't there."

Carter Reynolds later apologized for the video, saying that he and Maggie Lindemann were fine after the incident, Hollywood Take noted.

"Yes, saying 'do it' a couple times and 'come on' was wrong on so many levels," he continued. "I should've stopped asking when she said 'no' the first time.. and for that I'm very sorry to everyone that I offended and especially Maggie. After that night, Maggie and I were completely fine and just moved on with our relationship."

They would later break up, with Maggie calling out Carter for failing to support her when she was hospitalized for what was termed a "manic episode."

Now, the video's backlash is growing. Carter Reynolds drew controversy this week at VidCon, a convention that brings together stars of YouTube and Vine to meet with fans and discuss the industry at panels.

Carter's appearance was met with anger from some, including fans who yelled at him.

The situation got even worse for Reynolds when YouTube star Onision complained about Carter being there, tweeting to event founder Hank Green. Green noted that security escorted Reynolds out of VidCon and that he was not an invited guest. Carter shot back, but Green said he wasn't welcome at the conference.This set Carter Reynolds off on an angry rant.Reynolds later said he was treated unfairly for no real reason.

Reynolds later added: "apparently i was a threat to the people at the hotel and they were concerned with my safety as well as the safety of the people around me. vidcon had no legit reason as to why i couldn't be there haha. the vidcon staff treated me like i was some criminal or terrorist. that was very rude and disrespectful for them to do."

Carter Reynolds has continued to defend the alleged rape video, saying Maggie Lindeman was not pressured into sex.

"I wish she would apologize for the things you guys don't know about," he said during a YouNow stream. "A lot of people hate on me now. They think I'm the only bad person in this entire relationship. I didn't rape her. She knows that herself...The fact that she's trying to be all innocent now or something…it didn't affect her that much. I know it didn't."

Despite his vows to stay at VidCon, Carter Reynolds eventually had to leave his hotel after he reportedly received death threats.

[Image via ONTD]