Adam Sandler’s Latest Film Bombs With Critics, But Can It Still Win With Fans At The Box Office?

Adam Sandler’s latest film, Pixels, is generating more than just poor reviews from critics it seems. According to Variety, Moviepilot is estimating that Sandler’s latest flick should pull in around $25 million, though the release of the new teen film Paper Towns is expected to give it a run for the money and could snag the anticipated first place from Sandler’s grip.

Pixels stars Sandler and frequent co-star Kevin James as video game experts brought in to save the world from an alien invasion that uses classic video game characters as weapons. Though Sandler’s latest film won praise from Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon earlier in the week, critics have been lambasting it for Sandler’s one-dimensional comedy schtick that kept a good concept from becoming great.

Despite the fact that Sandler’s latest is expected to take in $25 million, it has a long way to go to make up for the $110 million spent making it. Many wonder if Pixels could spell the end to Adam Sandler’s movie career if it doesn’t perform better.

Blended, Sandler’s last film with another frequent co-star, Drew Barrymore, was considered a failure despite taking in nearly $127 million globally on a budget of $40 million, and Sandler has struggled to become the money generating machine he once was.

Still, even though one critic called Sandler’s latest film “another shallow addition to Adam Sandler’s product line” and another critic even suggested that “[s]omeone please retire Adam Sandler. Pixels is the last straw for this has-been,” Adam Sandler’s loyal following of fans continue to hit the box office. Feedback in the Twittersphere has been a mixed bag of reviews, with many coming out in support of the movie.

While there is still the chance that Ant Man could maintain the top spot or Paper Towns will perform better than expected, it seems that as long as Adam Sandler fans exist, so will Adam Sandler movies. And while critics may be suggesting an Oscar nomination for Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance in this weekend’s Southpaw, at least Adam Sandler has the Razzies to look forward to again this year.

[Image courtesy of Pixels Movie Official Facebook Page.]