‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Spoilers: First 3 Episode Titles And More Teased

American Horror Story fans are dying for more scoop on Season 5, but there are not that many spoilers about Hotel available yet. There have been cast reveals in recent weeks, but no real answers to the questions fans have been asking.

Warning: Possible Spoilers Ahead!

Spoiler TV did share some spoilers for American Horror Story: Hotel. The news outlet shared the premiere title of “Checking In” earlier this month, and now the site has revealed the titles of Episodes 2 and Episodes 3.

Episode 5.02 is titled “Chutes and Ladders.” The title is also the name of a popular child’s board, but it could also relate to the hotel. Some hotels have laundry chutes in their construction. Could a chute of some sort play an important role in Hotel?

As for Episode 5.03, that episode is titled “Mommy.” Lady Gaga is the star of American Horror Story this season, and her fans do call her “Mama Monster.” This episode title could be a tongue-in-cheek reference to that, but it could relate to something else.

Spoiler TV shared no other details about the upcoming season, but E! Online shared some cryptic comments from a member of the cast earlier this week. Fans should not expect to see much good on the series this season.

Finn Wittrock shared the following teaser with E! Online when he was asked about his character and his character’s name.

“Did Gaga tell hers? No. I guess not. I should probably stay quiet about it. There’s not a whole lot of good guys, I won’t say—I don’t think I’m quite as malevolent as Dandy, but I’m definitely not a good guy.”

This is par for the course for American Horror Story. Previous seasons have not always had good characters. There have been bad characters who have been redeemed and bad characters with good moments, but that is it.

American Horror Story: Hotel is adding some big names. Just earlier this week, the return of Lily Rabe was announced. She will play a serial killer on the series this season. Fans of the actress can currently see her on ABC’s The Whispers.

Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett have both returned to series as well. Previous Inquisitr spoilers teased a bit about Matt Bomer’s appearance on the series. He is new to American Horror Story this year, and his character will share the stage with Lady Gaga’s character early on in the season.

For now, fans have to wait to find out more about American Horror Story: Hotel. The series will premiere in October on FX.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]