November 6, 2016
Turkey Attack: Powerful Image Shows Severely Injured Doctor Comforting Dying Friend [Photo]

The ISIS Turkey attack that killed 32 people earlier this week left incredible devastation, but also showed the resilience of a severely injured doctor who laid on the street, comforting her dying friend as she held her hand.

The image is graphic, but shows goodness in the face of unspeakable horror which took the lives of dozens of innocent people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Turkey's Prime Minister indicated the suicide bomber had links to ISIS, the Islamic group terrorizing the Middle East.

The powerful photo shows a 27-year-old woman -- identified in local reports as Dr. Çagla Seven -- who herself is barely alive, after being hit with more than 100 shrapnel wounds, clinging to her friend as she struggles to survive, the New York Daily News reports.

Local newspapers are calling the now-viral image, "the photo that marked the day."

Seven was airlifted to a hospital and despite the serious injuries suffered in the Turkey attack, she survived. However, her friend wasn't as lucky and passed away from the severe injuries. In another moving image, which shows her indomitable spirit, Seven is seen again after undergoing surgery, raising her left arm and making a peace sign as nearby nurses clapped and others watched in awe.Dr. Çagla Seven -- a new physician -- has turned into a symbol of Turkey's will to fight for their freedom against ISIS. But make no mistake, her amazing survival was not without incredible struggle. After suffering more than 100 shrapnel injuries, she needed 15 units of blood and the hospital's chief doctor said her heart had also stopped beating.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said authorities are investigating local and international connections to the suspect they believe is responsible for the Turkey attack. Despite being reportedly tied to ISIS, no group has claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing that left 32 dead and nearly 100 injured in the city of Suruc, located near Turkey's border with Syria.

According to officials, the Turkey attack could be in retaliation for the country's recent efforts against the militant group. The Eastern European nation is allowing U.S. jets to use their bases to fight ISIS.

[Image via Asistan Hekim]