‘Harry Potter’ Spinoff ‘Fantastic Beasts’ On Its Way, And Five More ‘Harry Potter’ Spinoff Ideas

Harry Potter spinoff fever has hit Great Britain, where movie makers are looking to pick up where Harry Potter left off in the new J.K. Rowling adventure Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Currently, Warner Brothers U.K. is trying to find the next star in the making for this movie. While some of the leading stars of the movie have already signed on, the next Emma Watson could have been discovered by casting agents last weekend.

Stars to have already signed on include The Theory of Everything lead man Eddie Redmayne as the magical journeyman Newt Scamander. The script for the new Harry Potter spin-off is based on a textbook Harry encounters while at Hogwarts. The book is written by Redmayne’s character about his travels.

In addition to Redmayne, Variety reported that Alison Sudol, known from her work on Transparent, has committed to the filming. She is playing the role of Queenie, the younger sister of Katherine Waterston’s character Tina. Waterston is known from her work in Inherent Vice.

Deadline has reported that Dan Folger from the Kung Fu Panda films has also signed on to work on the new Harry Potter spinoff. Folger has been active in several movie and television roles, including a recurring role on the freshman season of Secrets and Lies. Folger is portraying the non-magical character of Jacob, an individual who becomes friends with Newt.

Ezra Miller will also be a part of the cast for the Harry Potter spinoff. Known from his work in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Miller will be playing Kredan, another non-magical person Newt meets during his adventures. Miller’s addition to the Harry Potter spinoff was a welcomed one for Redmayne.

With the new Harry Potter spinoff in the works, fans of J.K. Rowling could be clamoring for more. A few years ago, What Culture came up with several Harry Potter spinoff ideas for Rowling so that Harry Potter fans could potentially have more to look forward to now that the book and movie series have concluded. Here are a few Harry Potter spinoff ideas that fans could one day hope to see come to the big screen.

Nymphadora Tonks: While she may have been killed off during Deathly Hallows, a resurrection to look into her life prior to the book could be an exciting offering for Harry Potter spinoff fans.

The Office of the Ministry of Magic: What really goes on in this office? While we see glimpses in several books, finding out what really happens within these walls could be spinoff-worthy.

Dumbledore’s Army: In the Order of the Phoenix, we meet Dumbledore’s Army. But what happened to them? Maybe a new movie will expand upon their role at Hogwarts.

Kids of Hogwarts: Not part of the original book series, but what would the world be like for Harry’s, and Ron and Hermione’s children attending Hogwarts? That’s certainly a resurrection piece for J.K. Rowlings to consider.

The Weasleys: From the brothers basically disappearing in the Half-Blood Prince to Arthur Weasley (played by Mark Williams), a series dedicated to the Weasleys is a sure-fire movie to please Harry Potter fans.

Which Harry Potter spinoff would you most like to see?

[Photo: Fantastic Beasts Twitter – ‏@FBAWTFTmovie]