Jimmy Fallon Swaps Lips With Adam Sandler: Hear Sandler's Thoughts On How Jimmy Fallon Injured His Finger

Stacey Cole

Jimmy Fallon, the host of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on NBC, is well known for his nightly game segment on the show, usually involving the featured guest.

One of the more memorable segments Jimmy Fallon has produced in recent memory involved Pixels star Adam Sandler this week. In a game called "Lip Flip," the guest star's lips are projected onto Jimmy Fallon's face, and vice versa, allowing them to interview each other with a twist. As the Huffington Post reported, the two comedians wasted little time getting to know each other.

"I'm Jimmy Fallon, look at me," Big Daddy star Sandler began when his mouth appeared over Jimmy Fallon's face. "I injured my hand whacking off. It was so much fun. That's what I get for trying it with my left hand. I learned my lesson. Back to old righty!"

After Jimmy Fallon failed at a good comeback for the joke, Sandler continued to poke fun at the host's injury.

"Oh, how I miss the hospital! I liked it when that old dude gave me a sponge bath."

And what Adam Sandler segment would be complete without an impromptu version of a song? Certainly not this one as Jimmy Fallon joined him in singing a rendition of Willie Nelson's "All The Girls I've Loved Before," reported Us Magazine.

After the "Lip Flip" game, the 48-year-old actor gave Jimmy Fallon some parenting advice, as both funnymen are parents to two daughters, the Belfast Telegraph reported.

"When you go swimming with the kids, when your kids go off the diving board, you have to... And they say, 'Daddy, watch this,' and they do something like a cartwheel off the diving board and into the pool. You have to delay your reaction cause I get yelled at. They did the cartwheel. I go, 'YEAH, WAY TO GO! THAT'S AWESOME,' and then they come up out of the water, and I'd be staring at them. They'll be like, 'You didn't like it?'"

The Tonight Show host appeared on the show with heavy bandages around his left ring finger. The injury occurred nearly a month ago when Jimmy Fallon fell in his home. Jimmy Fallon seriously injured the hand as his finger's flesh ripped open from his ring catching the side of a table. According to People, JimmyFallon has worn a cast for a few weeks following the injury.

Adam Sandler isn't the only actor to get into the act on "Lip Flip" with Jimmy Fallon. In an episode earlier this year, Fallon and former Friends co-star Jennifer Aniston swapped lips for a short segment on the show.

Jimmy Fallon also made news recently when his guest Amy Schumer trolled Bradley Cooper on national television.

[Photo: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Official YouTube]