Mary Murphy Shares ‘SYTYCD’ Memories, Congratulates Cat Deely On Emmy Nom

Despite no longer being a part of FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance, Mary Murphy seems to still love the show a lot. On Tuesday, the dance competition, now in its 12th season, celebrated 10 years of being on the air. Mary, who was a judge on the show for years, didn’t take part in the special’s filming but did honor the big occasion by sharing some of her favorite memories from her time there through the years.

On Sunday, Mary tweeted that she will also be celebrating 10 years of the show.

Since then, she has posted many photos from throughout her years on the show. On Tuesday, Mary, who was known for her high-pitched shrieks of excitement, even tweeted a photo that captured executive producer and fellow judge Nigel Lythgoe trying to drown out her yelling.

Mary also congratulated host Cat Deely for getting an Emmy nomination.

Mary’s tweets prompted many people to write that they miss her, and that the show just isn’t the same without her. For season 12, Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo were brought on as the new judges. Mary did not say whether she was invited to take part in the 10th anniversary show and declined, or wasn’t invited at all.

Fox, Dick Clark Productions, and 19 Entertainment released a statement in January in which they confirmed Mary’s departure from the show and thanked her for her contribution.

“Mary has been a huge part of So You Think You Can Dance, from mentoring the dancers as a choreographer to inspiring fans as a judge. She will always be part of our Dance family and we wish her continued success.”

Mary later revealed that it wasn’t her choice to leave the show. Rather, her contract wasn’t renewed.

“I’m saddened of course to be released from my contract. I’m very grateful and proud to have been part of such an extraordinary television show, So You Think You Can Dance, for 11 seasons. I’m sure there wasn’t a person watching that didn’t know I loved what I did!!”

In an interview with Atlanta Journal Constitution, posted on Wednesday, Nigel talked about the criticism that some people have expressed about the new judges.

“She’s [Paula Abdul] really comfortable. She’s in an area she knows what she’s talking about. She was probably America’s most decorated choreographer in the period she was choreographing [in the 1980s.] I’m always amazed when I read Twitter comments saying ‘Why don’t you get a judge that knows what they’re talking about?’ Maybe you haven’t heard of Paula before 2002 on ‘Idol.’ Also with Jason DeRulo, they didn’t realize he’s a stage school kid. He’s trained in tap and jazz and ballet. Of course, he’s a good dancer in his own right. He incorporates dance into his performances.”

The article did not mention Mary Murphy. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Nigel Lythgoe, after the premiere of season 12, denied that he had Mary fired from the show.

[Photo by Angela Weiss / Getty Images]