LA Lakers Rumors: Team Looking To Trade Three Players Away For Brendan Haywood

Danny Cox

Even though the LA Lakers have missed out on a lot of targets they've taken aim at this NBA offseason, they're not done working yet. Some believe that the final word on Nick Young is that the Lakers aren't going to trade him away and will simply hold onto him for one more season. Now, rumors are coming about that the Lakers could still ship Young out in hopes of landing Brendan Haywood from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

One of the things that has everyone so interested in Haywood is that he has a contract that is not guaranteed. Trading for his deal would help free up cap space on any team, and that's something the Lakers are still trying to do.

During the offseason, the Lakers have looked at trading away Nick Young, Robert Sucre, and Ryan Kelly. So far, there have been no real bites or offers that were worth the Lakers following through on.

Los Angeles has brought in Roy Hibbert, Lou Williams, and Brandon Bass in the past few weeks, but they just aren't done yet.

According to Sports World Report, those three players could end up moving into the starting line-up. That's even with Williams coming off a season where he was productive enough off the bench to win the NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award.

Since the Lakers still have an interest in Haywood, the Cavaliers may be a possible trade landing spot for Young.

Even though the Cavs have added James Jones and Richard Jefferson recently and look to bring back JR Smith, Young could still add a lot to the team. If the Lakers are going to land Haywood though, they'll have to offer more than the LA Clippers and Phoenix Suns.

Portland has already emerged as a possible landing spot for Haywood, and he would help fill the void left by LaMarcus Aldridge leaving.

Right now, it all kind of rests on what happens with JR Smith. If the Cavs lose him or don't sign him soon, a trade for Nick Young makes perfect sense.

If the Lakers are to get Haywood though, they would possibly have to include Ryan Kelly (just under $2 million) and/or Robery Sucre (just under $1 million) in the deal with Young. That would then bring over Brendan Haywood and his $10.5 million contract that isn't guaranteed.

The rumors are still swirling around the heads of the LA Lakers, and it seems they won't stop until the 2015 season begins. Nick Young seemed secure and in place, but never say never as Brendan Haywood's availability means he could still be on the block.

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