WWE Rumors: ‘Tough Enough’ Contestant Turns Down WWE Contract After Being Voted Off

On last night’s episode of WWE Tough Enough, one of the competitors thought to be in the running to win it all was voted off. Patrick Clark was sent home from Tough Enough and won’t be getting the WWE contract, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t offered one. Not only was Clark offered a deal, but he turned it down.

According to Ringside News, Clark was actually offered a developmental deal by WWE, but he didn’t accept it. Some may think that this is overly shocking, but it appears as if the young man had a good reason for turning down the deal.

The Wrestling Observer states that the reason for Patrick turning down the deal is money. He simply can’t afford to relocate to Florida and train at the WWE Performance Center at this time in his life.

Tough Enough judge Hulk Hogan tweeted on Thursday that it was a tough loss to see Patrick Clark voted off the show. The Hulkster still believes that Clark will be a star someday in the wrestling ring.

Clark was seen as a frontrunner to win the whole thing, but there were times it seemed he just couldn’t keep up with the pace. He spoke with Channel Guide Magazine and said that he admits it was a “disappointment” to know he was going home.

He did say that a fatal mistake was going into Tough Enough and thinking that everything was “wrestling related.” Clark says he went in believing it was a wrestling show and not a reality show, and he simply wasn’t ready to correct that mistake.

Finally, he was asked about who he believes could win Tough Enough now that he is off of the show.

“Josh has proven himself since he has been here.”

“Injuries stopped him with football, so he wants to play a sport and participate in a competition. He is a competitor. He is ready to move. He has his family ready to move. Whether he wins or loses, he wants to come to Florida to start a journey at NXT. GiGi has shown so much growth. She was this sweet little girl. Then on one episode she showed she can be this, you know what. She is ahead of the girls as far as the competition goes. She is on a roll. She is improving every single week.”

It’s rather odd to know that a contestant on Tough Enough turned down a developmental deal with WWE after being eliminated. Patrick Clark did have a legitimate reason for refusing the deal, but it’s one that has the chance of never coming his way again.

The return of Tough Enough has already been met with a bit of flack and criticism for WWE, but the winner will indeed get a contract. That person will not be Patrick Clark, who may forever wonder if turning down the developmental deal was the right decision.

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