‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Adds Lily Rabe To The Sinister Guest List

American Horror Story: Hotel is shaping up to include quite an ensemble cast with old and new faces coming together to create an impressive cast for a season that American Horror Story creators have promised would redefine the series. Adding to the list of American Horror Story veterans returning for the fifth season, Ryan Murphy announced only a short time ago that Emma Roberts would appear in later episodes of American Horror Story, once her obligation to Scream Queens had been satisfied for that show’s premiere season.

“She’s still going to do a couple episodes of ‘Horror Story’ at the end, I think. She comes at the end,” Murphy said of Emma’s return to American Horror Story. “She comes and she has a great thing with Evan Peters at the end.”

Now, another familiar face has been signed to return to American Horror Story: Hotel, giving faithful fans of the series yet another reason to tune in for this redefining season. Lily Rabe will be returning to American Horror Story, but unlike her appearances in Asylum and Freakshow, Ms. Rabe will not be reprising a previous American Horror Story role. Leaving the American Horror Story characters Sister Mary Eunice and Misty Day to rest in peace, Lily will be playing in an entirely new role when American Horror Story: Hotel premieres.

Ms. Rabe’s American Horror Story appearance will come after Lily has finished filming obligations on ABC’s The Whispers, a show about an extraterrestrial force manipulating children into compromising the safety of humanity. At this time, it is only known that Rabe will play a famous serial killer, someone who takes refuge in the hotel while on the run.

Lily Rabe has been with American Horror Story, since the very first season, which has since been renamed American Horror Story: Murder House, when Ms. Rabe played Nora Montgomery. Returning in a more prominent role for American Horror Story: Asylum, Lily Rabe starred as Sister Mary Eunice McKee and later reprised that same role in one episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Ms. Rabe also played a good witch, Misty Day, in American Horror Story: Coven, so Lily’s presence on the series has been well established and Ms. Rabe is uniquely qualified to step into the shoes of one of American Horror Story‘s newest villains.

Although a specific date has yet to be announced, it has been established that American Horror Story: Hotel will premiere in October on FX.

[Featured image: Lily Rabe courtesy of Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival]