Nicki Minaj Accused Of Playing The ‘Race Card’ As Twitter War Escalates

Rapper Nicki Minaj was clearly disappointed when her video for “Anaconda” didn’t secure a nomination for MTV’s video of the year award. Minaj was nominated in three categories, Best Female Video, Best Collaboration, and Best Hip Hop video, but was unhappy that she wasn’t nominated in, arguably, the most important category. As a result Minaj expressed her disappointment on Twitter, saying that “if your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year.”

Minaj’s message was taken to be a swipe at Taylor Swift who took to Twitter to respond. According to the Week the Twitter spat between Minaj and Swift was blown out of all proportion as thousands of people weighed in on both sides of the argument. A number of celebrities joined the debate seemingly to help build bridges between the two stars, but former newspaper editor and America’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan used his column in the Daily Mail to launch an attack on Minaj.

Morgan claims that Minaj was fired from at least 15 jobs for being discourteous. He claims that Minaj is “a stroppy little piece of work” because she refused to have her photograph taken with Morgan’s children when she appeared as a guest on America’s Got Talent.

Morgan says “I had to break the news to my sons that ‘Ms Minaj’ was too busy doing nothing to grant them a second of her precious time.”

Billboard report that Morgan titled his column with the headline “[D]on’t play the race or skinny cards, Ms Minaj – you’re just a stroppy little piece of work whose video wasn’t as good as Taylor Swift’s.” Morgan claims that Minaj’s tweets were a thinly veiled attack on Taylor Swift and says he has absolutely no sympathy for Minaj who he describes as “a whiny brat that just doesn’t like losing.”

Morgan claims that Minaj’s claims that she wasn’t nominated for the Video Of The Year award because she is black and “not skinny enough” is “laughable” and “a load of old hogwash.”

Morgan finishes his attack by accusing Minaj of playing the race card to stir up racial tension and claims that racism in the music industry is a thing of the past.

He says “for Nicki Minaj, who is indisputably very talented, to play the race card just because her video didn’t get the nomination she wanted is a cheap piece of faux outrage deliberately designed to stir up unnecessary racial tension where it shouldn’t exist.”

What do Inquisitr readers think about Morgan’s comments about Nicki Minaj? Does he have a point, or is he harboring a grudge because Minaj refused to have a photograph taken with his kids?

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]