WWE: Daniel Bryan Credits Unexpected Source For Creating ‘Yes’ Chants

Daniel Bryan Yes Movement

Daniel Bryan may not be returning to the ring anytime soon (if ever), but fans can still get their Bryan fix by picking up his new book.

The autobiography entitled Yes! My Improbable Journey to the Main Event of WrestleMania was released Tuesday (July 21) and wasted no time reaching the top of Amazon’s bestseller charts (No. 1 in Wrestling and No. 167 overall — impressive considering the millions of books available on the retailer’s site).

Within the pages, fans will find colorful stories from Bryan’s career including the time that he almost came to blows with Triple H [via NESN].

Perhaps one of the most fascinating parts that I’ve read so far, however, is the portion in which Daniel Bryan talks about who was responsible for coming up with the “Yes” chants.

And who else could it be but WWE CEO Vince McMahon himself!

“The one thing he did want was for me to be the happiest guy in the world as champion,” Bryan said. “Every time I went out, I had to treat it as if I had won the lottery. ‘In this instance, there’s no such thing as too over-the-top,’ he said. I started by occasionally ‘YES!’-ing during my entrance, and then after I’d win a match, I’d scream ‘Yes!’ again. For there it evolved rapidly, to the point where I was ‘Yes!’-ing the entire way down the ramp in celebration of being champion.”

As for that fight that Bryan “almost” had with Triple H, the altercation occurred because Triple H had called an early stop to one of Bryan’s matches that he was having while dealing with an injury.

“Usually I don’t get super angry, and when I do it’s barely visible,” he wrote per FoxSports. “This time, I was furious and I let everyone know it. When I walked through the curtain, I yelled, ‘What the f*** is that all about. That’s f***ing bull—-!’ ‘You need to calm down,’ responded Triple H, who had been communicating with the doctor over the headset and called for the match to be stopped. ‘No, you need to calm the f*** down,’ I replied. We were up in each other’s faces and both ready to fight.”

How about you, readers? Have you had a chance to pick up the new book? Are some of these reveals surprising, particularly that Vince McMahon was behind the Daniel Bryan “Yes” Movement that so derides the owner of the WWE? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image of Daniel Bryan via WWE]