Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj: Celebs Engage In Twitter War After Incident At The VMA’s

It looks like Katy Perry isn’t the only celeb who has problems with Taylor Swift anymore — now, Nicki Minaj is speaking out against Swift, as well. After a recent “controversy” at MTV’s Video Music Awards, Nicki began verbally attacking Swift on Twitter, and Taylor has returned the attacks with nothing but positivity and love for Minaj. The conflict between the two started when Nicki wrote a (fairly ambiguous) tweet that was interpreted as being a shot at Swift’s video for “Bad Blood.”

The tweet was supposedly a commentary on the fact that Swift’s video for “Bad Blood” was nominated for a VMA, while Nicki’s video for “Anaconda” was not. Many of Nicki’s fans and some media outlets even supported her for calling the press and the VMA’s out on this topic, but Taylor Swift took the tweet as a direct attack instead.

Nicki went on to respond that there was no evidence she was actually talking about Taylor Swift in her tweet. The Guardian slammed Swift’s response to the tweets as “faux-feminism” and also discussed Minaj’s feelings that black artists were not receiving enough credit from the music industry. As an example, Nicki took to Twitter and noted that Taylor Swift was applauded for pulling her latest album 1989 off of Spotify, while Nicki and other black artists were hammered for starting music streaming service Tidal.


Apparently, Taylor Swift isn’t the only artist Nicki has managed to troll lately. According to Inquisitr, Nicki also had a feud with rapper Lil’ Kim earlier this month. Many of Nicki’s fans appear to be enraged that Taylor made the feud about her when it’s supposedly about the larger issue of how the VMAs views black females in music.

Even though it didn’t seem to make Nicki happy, Today.com noted that Minaj’s “Anaconda” video did get nominated for Best Female Video and Best Hip-Hop Video, but failed to grab any other nominations. The Twitter “feud” ended with Swift expressing her love for Nicki Minaj and (perhaps somewhat spitefully) suggesting Nicki was welcome to share the stage anytime Swift wins an award.

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