Dee Snider Nails His Colours To The Mast In Van Halen Feud: ‘Sammy’s A Bad A** And Eddie Van Halen’s An A-Hole’

Dee Snider has put on his big size nines and waded into the ongoing Van Halen feud by siding with Sammy Hagar, who “sings his a** off,” while at the same time branding Eddie Van Halen an “A-hole.”

Never one to shy away from putting his foot, or, indeed, an animal bone in his mouth, the Twisted Sister frontman has chosen to vigorously nail his colours to the mast when it comes to the perpetual and epic Van Halen feud between camp Hagar, camp Roth, and of course, camp Eddie.

For those of you who haven’t been following this twisted little soap opera, here’s a recap.

Diamond Dave and his portly and frizzy haired replacement in Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, have taken pot shots at one another for fun for many a moon, but all the old resentments resurfaced like the Loch Ness monster earlier this year when Hagar began to again criticize the newly reformed Roth-fronted Van Halen, and question why Roth refused to sing Hagar-sung tracks.

The Inquisitr earlier reported that Hagar has been stomping around the place like something of a grizzly bear because Roth has refused to play any “Van Hagar” songs live.

Hagar has previously said that Diamond Dave doesn’t sing the songs because he is unable to do justice to their “quality,” but as Roth sagely put it, “This hamburger don’t need no helper.”

Taking umbrage at Roth’s riposte, Hagar snarled that Roth didn’t sing any of the songs he made famous because he can’t, so there, and like a bear with a sore head, the prickly red man took things further by complaining that Eddie and Alex Van Halen are trying to stop him from playing his own songs he made famous in Van Halen.

“I’m going to fight these guys to the end. Those are my songs. I wrote every lyric and every melody on every one of those songs.”

Meanwhile, Eddie Van Halen seems to view both Roth and Hagar with equal distaste, as evidenced when the elder statesman of cock rock recently barked at David Lee Roth to “act like a 60-year-old.”

Not one to miss a golden opportunity to start a public feud of his own, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider has given an interview to Ultimate Classic Rock, where he rushes to the aid of Sammy boy like an angelic bull.

“You know, Sammy’s the real deal. He’s talented and he’s a bad-a**. You know, he was a boxer before he was a singer, so he’s fearless and he speaks his mind, and he has the success and the talent and the following to really back it up even more [than] the physical strength.

I know when he was touring with David [Lee Roth], he said something in the press about David’s hair and David was beside himself, but he couldn’t really do anything with Sammy. So, he literally had his crew construct a plywood wall backstage. They would put a wall up in the hallway to separate the sides that they were on. That’s what he did. He didn’t confront Sammy about what he said, he just had a wall built.”

After attacking Roth for doing a Roger Waters, Snider, who became famous for dressing like a pantomime dame and roaring how “he wasn’t going to take it,” reserves his snidest comment for Eddie Van Halen himself.

“You’re not dealing with a guy who has got it all together in the first place. As far as Eddie goes, anybody who is really watching and paying attention, Eddie’s out of his mind. Eddie Van Halen’s an a**hole.”

[Photo By Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images]