Donny Osmond Surgery On Vocal Cords To Be Done By Sam Smith's Surgeon, Will Recover For Donny & Marie Show [Video]

Donny Osmond must have surgery. The popular singer, famed for his solo career, for his work as a member of the Osmonds, and as Marie Osmond's brother, requires a vocal cord procedure, reported People.

Unaware of the problem, Donny was undergoing an exam from physicians when they found that the 57-year-old pop star suffered from a right vocal cord bleeding lesion (hemorrhagic polyp). Osmond's surgery will be performed by Harvard Medical School's noted doctor, Steven M. Zeitel.

Other celebrities who underwent the identical surgery from Zeitel include John Mayer, Adele, Sam Smith and Lionel Richie.

For Donny, the news means changing the planned dates for September concerts. However, fans can look for Osmond after his surgery when he teams up for the Donny & Marie Las Vegas show in October.

Keeping his eyes on the prize of a strong singing voice, Donny is proud of his new album, which is his 60th. The milestone recording is called Soundtrack of My Life.

"It was so much fun getting to choose songs that have meant so much to me in my life," reflected Osmond.

As for the surgery, Donny can look to Sam Smith's rapid recovery from the same procedure for encouragement, reported ABC News.

Smith had to take a break from singing and speaking for three weeks, after which he happily posted the good news on social media about the recovery from his own vocal cord surgery. However, being forced to stay silent was challenging, admitted the singer.

"As you can see, I can speak again for the first time in three weeks. And it's been horrible. And sitting in silence and knowing that I should be doing shows has killed me. But finally I have some good news, and that's that I'll be starting all my shows up from the third of July. And it's all as planned and I'm gonna try my absolute best to sing my heart out for you every night. Please bear with me, as always, and I love you all!"
The procedure that Osmond will undergo and that Smith experienced is called suspension microlaryngoscopy surgery, and it is specifically designed for vocal cord hemorrhages.

Sam Smith did reveal that he had some consolation during his recovery from his cat.

"Now my most treasured possession," he revealed.

As the Inquisitr reported, Smith has also been proudly sharing his weight loss success all over social media. Sam relied on a nutritionist to help him slim down.

[Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images]