Taylor Swift And Ryan Seacrest Under Fire On Twitter — Twisting Nicki Minaj’s Words Gone Wrong

Taylor Swift And Ryan Seacrest Under Fire On Twitter — Twisting Nicki Minaj's Words Gone Wrong

Taylor Swift and Ryan Seacrest seem to have jumped into a flame they weren’t quite prepared to overtake. Amid Nicki Minaj’s tweets, they’ve somehow twisted her words. But fans and non-fans aren’t standing for it.

In a previous Inquisitr article, it mentioned Nicki Minaj‘s VMAs rant and how some things may have been taken out of context. Well, it appears that several people were affected by Minaj’s words — but not by what she said. Rather, it came indirectly because of who responded.

Of course, it started with Taylor Swift‘s response to one of Nicki’s tweets, as can be seen in the previous article. However, it progressed once Ryan Seacrest made a tweet about the topic. The on-air personality poorly worded a headline.

Then, several Twitter users lit into the personality.

And several others were directed at him. However, Taylor didn’t escape the onslaught. Fans believe she wanted to make the topic about her, rather than focus on what Nicki’s words suggested.

Nicki Minaj responded to Ryan Seacrest’s headline as well.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to recant statements after they’ve been made, especially after people see those statements. This shows evident proof, does it not? What do you think about it all?

Did they intentionally twist Nicki Minaj’s words and switch the focus? Do you agree or disagree with the majority’s thoughts about it all? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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