WWE News: Update On CM Punk Vs. Chris Amann Lawsuit

It’s been almost exactly eight months since CM Punk appeared on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast, and revealed why he left WWE. During his explanation, Punk heavily criticized, and, at times, insulted some people in WWE, and perhaps the biggest shot he took at someone was at WWE doctor Chris Amann. Punk called Amann lazy, and accused him of refusing to treat, and not properly diagnosing, a staph infection.

Back on February 19, nearly three months after the podcast aired, Dr. Amann filed a lawsuit against both CM Punk and Colt Cabana, with WWE’s blessing, of course, saying that Punk lied about everything. WWE then released a video of CM Punk in the 2014 Royal Rumble, which pretty much focused in on Punk’s backside, which is where he claimed his staph infection was. You couldn’t really see anything in the video, but, shortly after the video was released, a picture surfaced of Punk in the ring with Ryback, and you could visibly see a purple and white lump on his back.

Since the lawsuit was filed back in February, there hasn’t been much that has come out on it. Well, now we finally have an update, and it appears that the Cook Country Clerk of the Circuit Court has released court documents which provide updates on the status of Chris Amann’s slander lawsuit against CM Punk. Also, the Judge assigned the case to a category and is allowing 28 months for discovery of new evidence, which means that both parties have up to 28 months to exchange information, obtain medical documentation, and depose witnesses.

It’s still not clear if this case will end up going to trial, but it is clear that the case could hang above both CM Punk and Colt Cabana’s head for over the next two years. So, it could be a while yet before we get another update on the case.

So far, Punk is the only former WWE wrestler who has publicly taken shots at Dr. Amann, but most people believe that’s because a lot of ex-WWE wrestlers, no matter if they left the company on bad terms, don’t want to completely burn the WWE bridge. But, as we all know, Punk really doesn’t care, and has no plans to ever return to WWE. So it was easy for him to take shots at WWE’s top executives and their medical staff.

[Image via WWE]