‘Xbox One’ Could Be Getting Full Keyboard And Mouse Support Per Xbox Boss

Phil Spencer said something on Twitter today that could mean big things for Microsoft’s Xbox One console. It looks as though the Xbox One could be seeing full keyboard and mouse support in the near future.

This could be a big addition and draw for fans looking for a reason to buy the Xbox One over competitor Sony’s Playstation 4. The addition of full mouse and keyboard support could essentially make some games not previously feasible with a console because of the restrictions of a gamepad possible, and could add to a robust library that already has plenty to tout over PS4’s lineup thus far.

While the console already supports using a USB keyboard, the addition of full mouse support could make real time strategy (RTS) games, more traditional multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games that don’t have the control scheme that Smite (which is more shooter-esque rather than the typical “top-down” MOBA view) currently uses on Xbox One, grand strategy games, and the traditional mechanics of a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) possible on the console. Xbox One could set itself apart by offering all these experiences to console players that were originally only reserved for PC due to the mouse and keyboard control schemes.

The response by Spencer came as a fan mentioned the idea of streaming games from a Windows 10 PC to your Xbox One. While some may scoff at the idea of streaming PC to a less powerful system, this could give players who are unable to hook their PCs up to their living room TVs a chance to play their games on the big screen via their Xbox One. Currently, the idea of Windows 10 to Xbox One streaming isn’t confirmed, but Spencer mentioned that the mouse/keyboard functionality would need to be in place on Xbox One first in order for that to be feasible. Streaming Xbox One to Windows 10 is still being worked on and will launch when Windows 10 releases at the end of the month.

The addition of cross platform play between Xbox One and Win 10 PCs adds another element to this, as fighters such as Killer Instinct are made available to play on both platforms, as well as the upcoming Fable Legends. The inclusion of keyboard and mouse support on Xbox One gives players in both ecosystems the ability choose how you want to play those games against members of both platforms. In games like Call of Duty, the ability for a player on console to use the general PC control scheme will help even the playing field if cross platform play ever becomes available on that title as well, especially since mouse and keyboard are more accurate than a gamepad.

Either way, it remains to be seen how “far away” the feature is on Xbox One, but it’s an exciting one to think about if you’re a Xbox One consumer. Sound off on your thoughts in the comments below if you do or do not like the idea of Xbox One getting full mouse and keyboard support.

[Image via Microsoft]