Blake Shelton: How Divorce Changes Everything

Blake Shelton is undoubtedly the Kim Kardashian of the country music scene, but it’s also no secret Miranda Lambert was his entire world. In fact, looking at his Twitter profile clearly proves he’s not ready to accept his queen is leaving the castle. Four tweet-less days and one majestic banner of Miranda, 31, offer 12.9 million followers little news into why this surprising divorce came about.

Four years of memories and constant tabloid beatings headline this dramatic change in Blake Shelton’s life. Definitely not the life Blake, 39, envisioned four years ago when he took Miranda’s hand in marriage. But unfortunately, it’s now imminent reality as their divorce was signed and finalized mere hours after the couple’s dramatic announcement. Blake began the proceedings two weeks ago, receiving the judge’s signature Monday afternoon in Oklahoma.

The seemingly inseparable Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert met in 2005 during an amazing duet at the CMT Awards, experiencing a palpable attraction that led him to believe she would be married to him eventually. Indeed, she would be. Anticipating the divorce filings, Miranda even cried on stage during her “The House That Built Me” performance July 18th, perhaps signaling her disbelief and bewilderment that Blake had indeed filed papers to end their magical union.

Both country superstars have colleagues, family members, and ginormous fan bases to lean on, which could make things much simpler than your average divorcing couple. However, amid the playful banter constantly posted on Twitter, there’s a Blake Shelton that’s breaking down inside. Even worse, Miranda still hasn’t removed her picture with Blake from her Twitter profile, meaning the breakup still hasn’t resonated inside her.

Miranda and Blake join an extensive list of celebrity splits in 2015, but when you’re marrying your best friend instead of joining forces for publicity, the process of divorce hurts tremendously. For Lambert, this was her inaugural marriage; Blake Shelton was previously married three years to Kaynette Williams. The couple will have no kids to fret over, although tabloids once spread egregious rumors of her being pregnant.

Maybe Blake Shelton wasn’t around enough. Perhaps Miranda was expressing emotion through the eyes of her “Priscilla” track, a song dedicated to Priscilla Presley’s struggle with everyone wanting Elvis. Whatever the case, Blake will probably kick himself down the road for losing country music’s best female citizen. Indeed, divorce changes everything for Blake Shelton, and society can only imagine how they’re coping with separate lives – lives once adjoined by the musical careers they love.

[Photo by Jeff Curry / Getty Images Sport]