New 'GTA V' Mod Brings Night Rider Into Los Santos

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) has been a playground for many fans over the years since its release, and modding on the PC has only made that playground all the more interesting. From adding in grappling hooks to submerging San Andreas underwater, GTA V's modding community never ceases to disappoint.

So what if one of the most iconic cars in TV history somehow found itself patrolling the streets in GTA V?

Enter the GTA V Knight Rider mod, brought to fans by 3id. This mod not only brings a fully self-driving car into the game, but one that sports a full arsenal of weapons and talks to you as well. Based on the TV show Night Rider, this mod brings a fully weaponized car ready to wreak havoc on the citizens of Los Santos, or protect them if you so choose. The GTA V mod brings the cars from the 1980s TV show as well as the 2008 reboot, so fans can choose what to ride in.

As the video above shows, the cars can be outfitted with a chaingun or a rocket launcher, depending on the situation you might find yourself within. Say you're riding down the street near Sandy Shores and a group of bikers starts opening fire. Well, now you've got a great way of fending them off, Trevor-style. Or maybe you decide you want to grab a Lazer Jet from Fort Zancudo, but those pesky tanks in GTA V make it difficult. With the rocket launcher on your car, grabbing that plane is now easier than ever.

In addition to the weapons brought to the car, the Knight Industries Two-thousand (or K.I.T.T.) can ski along its left or right side, allowing for GTA V players to drive around cars and not crash into them, and it can jump objects as well. This adds a whole new element to how you traverse the world of GTA V, not just because the car drives itself around Los Santos. Say you're taking on said tank in front of your path to get the ill-gotten plane. Now instead of plowing into a military jeep and hoping you don't destroy your car, KITT can just jump you over safely.

The GTA V Knight Rider mod does require players to use the Script Hook V mod, as well as ScriptHookV.NET mod, so make sure you backup your files just in case. Also, this mod may get you banned online, so make sure you only use it in the single player version of GTA V.

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