Russia Warns U.S. That War Games In Ukraine Might Have ‘Explosive Consequences’

Russia is warning the United States that the military exercises in Ukraine could spark “explosive consequences.” The war games began in the western region of the nation this week. Vladimir Putin‘s officials also stated that the exercises could derail the peace process ongoing in the separatists’ eastern region of the country.

U.S. Military and Ukrainian troops are reported utilizing 1,800 soldiers from 18 different countries in the exercises scheduled for today. The activities were reportedly aimed at bolstering the morale of the armed forces amid an ongoing 15-month tense conflict with pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.

The warning from the Russian foreign ministry was issued just several hours after the U.S. Military training exercises began near Ukraine and Poland border earlier today. The armed forces drills reportedly include NATO nation soldiers and the members of the Ukraine military — under U.S. command. Russia says that the exercises are a “clear demonstration” of the provocative nature of NATO’s policy in eastern Ukraine, according to a Daily Mail report.

“Not only is NATO not ready to recognize the wrongness and possible explosive consequences of holding such drills, but it is considerably increasing their scope,” the Russian warning said. ‘These actions… may threaten to disrupt the visible progress in the peace process concerning the deep internal crisis in Ukraine.”

Vladimir Putin has steadfastly denied that Russia orchestrated the revolt in Ukraine in an effort to curtail the power of the pro-Western leadership, which took control of the nation last year. Russian bombers have reportedly been spotted in the skies above the Baltic Sea and Nordic nations with far more regularity in recent months. NATO and Washington, D.C., leaders have deemed the flights of Russian jets in the region as both dangerous and hostile to civilian aircraft. According to the Kremlin, Russia is only doing what American has done in the region for years — flexing military might.

“After a long interruption and in order to demonstrate the navy’s combat capabilities, the Ladny frigate will attack a dummy target from an anti-submarine system,” Black Sea Fleet spokesman Vyacheslav Trukhachyov told the Moscow media.

Both Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visited Crimea during the past year — greatly angering Kiev officials in the process. Official Russian state media reports also stated that the military involvement in the Ukraine by Western nations is an effort to intimidate the former Soviet Union and to deny its geopolitical interests.

Do you think the United States is in a new Cold War with Russia? Could World War 3 become a reality?

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