Mohamed Sanu Laughs At First Round NFL Draft Prank Call

Rutgers Mohamed Sanu laughed off a 2012 NFL Draft prank call which indicated he would be the Bengals’ first round draft pick. After hearing the false news, Sanu began celebrating and his agent tweeted the news, only to find that the Bengals had selected someone else in the first round draft.

Fortunately for Sanu, the Cincinnati Bengals did in fact select him in the third round draft picks on Friday.

As Cincinnati was preparing to make their 27th overall pick in the opening round on Thursday, someone prank called Sanu. The prankster pretended to be with the Bengals and conveyed the good news. In regards to the prank call, Sanu was quoted by ESPN having said:

“My agent said it was some kid playing a prank. The kid said he was very sorry, he didn’t mean anything by it.”

Regardless of whether or not the Bengals had anything to do with the prank call, which they have indicated that they did not, the team decided to call Sanu and conveyed that he was indeed on the list of receivers they were contemplating as a complement to A.J. Green.

At the start of the third round, with Sanu still available, the Bengals decided to pick the 22-year-old former wide receiver for Rutgers.

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