Bravo Star Kim Richards Surfaces Post-Rehab, Talks Sobriety [Video]

Bravo star Kim Richards has surfaced in Los Angeles for the first time since leaving rehab last weekend. On Sunday night, as reported by TMZ on July 20, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star enjoyed dinner at Madeo, a celebrity favorite, where she spoke to photographers about her sobriety, as well as her Bravo replacement for season six.

When paparazzi asked the Bravo star how she was doing with her sobriety, Richards responded, saying, “It’s going great, thank you… I’m doing well… loving my sobriety.”

Richards then wished her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills replacement “good luck.”

As TMZ reported last week, the Bravo star was recently fired from the series after starring on the show, alongside sister Kyle, for five seasons. According to the report, Richards was deemed “unreliable” and a “possible liability” by producers after suffering an alcohol relapse earlier this year.

In addition to the relapse, the Bravo star was arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and charges against her, which include public intoxication, resisting an officer and battery on an officer, are still pending.

Although the Bravo star was expected to continue treatment at an outpatient facility in the week since she left, a source recently told Radar Online that she failed to do so.

“Kim left the inpatient program. But she will continue to do outpatient. She said that she was finally cured and is ready to get on with her life because she has so many projects right now and in-patient rehab does not fit into her schedule.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Bravo star’s ex-husband, Monty Brinson, who is currently battling cancer, recently praised Richards for her sobriety on Instagram. Below is what Brinson told fans on social media:

“Kim checked into voluntary because she wanted to help herself, no intervention or told her too. I’m proud of her because she 38 days sober. So proud of her for doing it in her own. In the tabloids they say the children have abandoned her which is a complete lie our daughter Brooke and her other children are so proud and by her 100% as well as the regarding the last post was that since everything happen she has been offered multiple things. Its not a comeback she been a actress since she was 4.”

For more of Bravo star Kim Richards, check out her full video interview with TMZ below.

[Photo via Twitter]