Emma Watson Denies Kidnapping Plot While Thousands Hope To Be The Next Harry Potter Starlett

After a worrisome story caused a media firestorm in regards to Emma Watson’s safety, the Beauty and the Beast star is denying that she was ever in danger. The Sun Newspaper had recently claimed that “two alleged kidnappers, thought to be cleaners at the site [of the set], had been planning to either kidnap the Harry Potter star, or steal from her,” based on a source who had divulged this information to the publication.

However a spokesperson for 25-year-old Watson has put out the flames of these allegations by releasing a statement to the Daily Mail UK.

“The story was looked into by production and found to be unsubstantiated and untrue.”

In addition, authorities responsible for the Surrey area of the UK, the region in which Emma is shooting for the beloved fairy tale, shared that in the case of the actress and the allegations against the two parties, whom apparently had their plot spoiled by a cab driver, “nothing has been reported” to them.

The Daily Mail shares additional details about the story that had caused such a panic and onset of media attention.

“The [Sun} alleged a taxi driver had overheard discussions between the two studio workers, who are thought to be from eastern Europe, and reported the conversation to his management, who in turn alerted senior studio staff.”

After Watson’s being targeted by those who were in disagreement of her feminist stance, it is certainly necessary to take such allegations seriously and it is commendable that the studio was swift in action and in looking into the matter for the safety of Ms. Watson. Production representatives had security heightened and posted a guard outside Watson’s trailer on set until the story was proved to be false.

So it’s good news all around for not only Emma, but for the massive amount of fans who would be overjoyed at the thought of spending a day in the life of the Harry Potter stunner. An open casting call for a young actress that will find herself in the role of the newest Harry Potter spin-off, resulted in a mass of over 10 000 young girls, ranging in age from 8 to 12, recently in London.

The Mirror relayed information in regards to the response garnered by the open casting call for the film Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.

“On July 18, the young hopefuls aged between eight and 12 went to the Excel Centre in London for the “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them” casting call. The hopefuls started arriving from 4am and those who were not fortunate enough to land the role were rewarded with a certificate to prove they took part in the casting process.”

Watson certainly found her place in film thanks to Harry Potter and surely a budding star will make her mark as Emma has done so flawlessly.

[Feature image via Lainey Gossip]