Justin Bieber Helps Fans Meet One Direction’s Niall Horan, Sings ‘Home To Mama’ With Cody Simpson

Justin Bieber, Niall Horan, and Cody Simpson hung out together on Sunday evening at a West Hollywood hotel, and also at Simpson’s home.

It gets better. The Biebs also helped three One Direction fans meet Niall, and managed to squeeze in a jam of “Home To Mama” with Cody on what sounds like quite the night.

Earlier Sunday, multiple eyewitnesses tweeted about spotting the Biebs in the front row at Hillsong Church in Los Angeles. But, at some point during the evening, Justin ended up at the famous 1200 Sunset Marquis hotel on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood with Cody and Niall.

We have no idea what the pop star pals were doing together. But, we do know what they did, thanks to social media posts — by the fans who met them, and the stars themselves.

Justin Bieber

The three female fans Twitter-documented their surprise meet-up with the Biebs, Niall, and Cody outside the hotel early Monday morning. According to one of the fans — identified as @runhary on Twitter — the girls waited for over an hour outside the hotel, seemingly after received a tip that the boys were inside from an One Direction update account on Twitter.

Runhary tweeted that a hotel valet told them Justin was inside, then at some point, he and Cody came out. Runhary — who is a One Direction fan — even said Justin blew away her previous assumptions that he would be rude by being totally “sweet.” She recalled Justin and Cody took selfies with the girls and spoke to them, before Justin called Niall over.

This was despite the Irish singer initially trying to walk back into the hotel. One of the other fans agreed with that version of events.

Apparently, the Biebs jokingly told Niall, “Horan, get over here.” Then, when Niall walked back, Justin reportedly said, “C’mon don’t you want to meet your fans? C’mon.”

But it sounds like once the One Directioner came out and saw the girls, he was more than happy to do so.

Most of @runhary’s Twitter timeline is her gushing about how Justin helped her and her friends meet Niall, and was thoroughly nice to them throughout the experience.

Here are some of the pictures the fan girls shared on Twitter.

Over on Cody’s Snapchat, he shared a video of himself playing the guitar while Justin ad-libbed to “Home To Mama.” Niall and Simpson’s buddy, Corey Harper, is also seen in the clip.

The song dropped in November, and was originally intended to be the first release from Cody and Justin’s acoustic duets album. Simpson recently told MTV the album won’t see the light of the day for years, as each artist is focused on their solo work. Cody released his fifth EP, Free, on July 10.

Meanwhile, Justin hasn’t revealed a release date for his in-the-works album. However, he recently told Martha Stewart in a cover story for Interview magazine that his new album is “very personal,” and will have a “futuristic” sound. The heartthrob is collaborating on it with Kanye West, Rick Rubin, and Jack Ü’s Skrillex and Diplo.

As previously reported, Niall and Justin have a mutual acquaintance in the Biebs’ former girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Last Saturday, (July 11), the actress-singer had lunch with Niall after she was spotted with her former beau at a hotel in Beverly Hills.

Fast forward to today, the rumor mill isn’t just buzzing over Justin, Niall, and Cody getting together. Over the weekend, a Bieber song — “Perfect Together” — leaked online. While the song is reportedly two or three-years-old, its lyrics and feel has kicked off reasonable speculation that the track is about Gomez.

To recap: Justin, Niall, and Cody hung out together last night, and the Biebs helped three One Direction fans meet one of their idols.

Ah, this takes us back.

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