‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Star Theo Rossi’s New Life: Will He Feature In The ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Prequel?

Sons of Anarchy might be over, but not before it launched the careers of many of its stars.


Theo Rossi, who played the extremely popular character Juan Carlos “Juice” Ortiz on Sons of Anarchy, cannot thank the FX drama series enough for helping him grow – not only as an actor, but also as a man.

Only last month, Theo Rossi became a father after his wife Meghan McDermott gave birth to a boy – named Kane Alexander Rossi – and now the former Sons of Anarchy star is relishing his life in the new role.

Speaking to People, the former Sons of Anarchy star could not hide his excitement at the prospect of his child growing up in the stimulating environment of New York.

“We are so excited to start this new chapter in our lives as parents! My wife is doing great and my son Kane is perfect. I’m just excited for this baby to grow up in New York City because it’s the greatest place in the world, and made me who I am.”


But it was not until a few weeks before Kane’s arrival that Theo Rossi and his wife Meghan decided to tell the world about the imminent arrival of their first baby. After the hype surrounding Sons of Anarchy, it was only natural that Rossi wanted to keep this bit of news to himself for as long as possible. He spoke to ET Online about it.

“My wife and I kept everything about the pregnancy and marriage on the down low. People that I’m really close to – family – they all knew, of course. There are very few things in the way we live now that are left just for you. I just wanted this for me.”

Meanwhile, Rossi’s new feature film Bad Hurt is currently doing the rounds at festivals, including Tribeca, where it was very well received. Bad Hurt, produced by Rossi’s production company Dos Dudes Pictures (heralded by Meghan McDermott), tells the story of a family struggling to come to terms with its past. In the film, Rossi dons a very different role from his “Juice” persona, but thanks to Sons of Anarchy, he admits that the transformation has been swift, as ET Online reported.

“Playing Juice in Sons of Anarchy prepared me for pretty much everything. He started off as the funny, loyal lap dog, ‘I’ll do what I can do,’ kind of guy. Then he became this depressive, self-sabotaging, ‘I want to take my own life,’ guy and then he became this angry, ‘I’m going to massacre and take out anything in my way,’ guy. Then he was the guy that just let it all go. So I was literally able to play every single emotion in one series. I got to play everything and that has prepared me for everything.”

Check out the trailer of Bad Hurt below.

We wish Theo all the best in his new endeavors. With no more riding around Charming to do, he can finally look up and over Sons of Anarchy. And while we know that Theo Rossi is doing just fine with Sons of Anarchy behind him, part of us really hopes that he’ll make an appearance in the Sons of Anarchy prequel.

[Photo: Mike Coppola / Getty Images]