Anonymous Declares War Against Canadian Police And Launches Attacks

The notorious hacktivist group Anonymous has reportedly attacked national police websites in Canada, following vows of retaliation.

The campaign was aimed at getting revenge for the unlawful shooting of a man in a “Guy Fawkes mask” in British Columbia on Thursday. The individual died as a result of his injuries. According to RT, the man was shot after having been mistaken for a suspect local police were searching for.

In a video upload on YouTube, titled “Anonymous Operation AnonDown”, members affiliated with the hacktivist group declared war on Canadian police in British Columbia.

The video, now gone viral, speaks of the group wanting to seek revenge for the shooting outside of the Fixx restaurant in Dawson Creek, in what Anonymous is calling “Operation Anondown.”

The man was shot without probable cause or provocation, according to a statement made by Anonymous. Furthermore, the group is attacking “killer cops” who are shooting individuals without any cause, the Vancouver Sun reports.

In the video, Anonymous makes the following statement about its new operation.

“This RCMP [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] officer must be named, fired and charged for the murder of our brother. If we do not receive justice, rest assured there will be revenge. We call upon our fellow Anons in Canada to take to the streets and protest at the RCMP headquarters … until our demands for justice are met … We call upon the global collective of Anonymous to remove the RCMP cyber infrastructure from the Internet.”

Early reports revealed that investigators had spotted a protester wearing a mask, but could not identify who the man was. However, police insisted that the man wearing the Guy Fawkes mask was in fact carrying a knife. This made the man seem like a potential danger, according to police.

The incident took place after calls were made complaining of damaged property at a restaurant in Dawson Creek. According to reports, police arrived at the scene and saw a man who they thought was the man responsible for the property damage.

It wasn’t until shots were fired that police officers figured out that they had the wrong suspect.

The RCMP national website, among other websites, have been taken down. Anonymous took to Twitter to publicize its new operation, aiming at Canadian police.

Actually it was a pre-announced First Nation protest. The Anon was part of a First Nation Anonymous cell. RCMP knew this. | @AnonPress

— Operation Anon Down (@OpAnonDown) July 19, 2015

The hacktivist group Anonymous has initiated countless operations for similar reasons in the past. In January of 2015, Anonymous declared war on Islamic State hackers after a terrorist attack struck satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in France.

(Photo via Anonymous)