Chris Martin Crashes Ex-Wife Gywneth Paltrow’s Party, Proves ‘Conscious Uncoupling’ Is Working

Chris Martin crashed ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow’s swanky party this weekend, showing that the pair’s famous “conscious uncoupling” is apparently working.

Paltrow threw a garden party in the Hamptons this weekend to support her endeavors Goop and Net-a-Porter, and the Coldplay frontman showed up to help keep an eye on their kids, Apple and Moses Martin.

E! News found out about Chris Martin crashing the party, showing that the couple has been working hard to stay on good terms.

“E! News has learned that Apple and Moses Martin ‘invaded’ the party, which was held at a private residence in Amagansett, and spent the evening running around the lawn and mingling with the fashionable guests.

“A partygoer also spilled that the kids even got into mini cars and were driving around the summer affair.

“And the Oscar winner’s children weren’t the only ones in attendance that turned heads…Chris Martin even showed up! Barefoot, no less!”

Paltrow has been opening up about the struggle to keep a good face for the sake of their kids, saying it’s not always easy after a bitter split.

“I think, unfortunately, though we couldn’t stay in a romantic relationship, we’re very, our values are very much around the importance of family and the importance of those relationships and I’m lucky that we’re aligned in that way,” the actress said at the #BlogHer15 industry conference in New York City, via Radar Online.

Paltrow added that she and Martin have worked very hard to put their kids first.

“It’s been hard, and you know, like, we’ve gone through really difficult times with it but we’ve always said these children are our priority,” she said.

“What that really means is, ‘Even though today, you hate me and you never want to see me again, like, we’re going to brunch, ’cause it’s Sunday and that’s what we’ll do!’ You know, like, ‘That’s what’s happening!'” she said. “Like, the children are our commitment.”

The couple earned quite a bit of ridicule last year after describing their split as a “conscious uncoupling,” but it seems that both are determined to keep it as amicable as possible and keep the focus on the kids rather than on pointless fighting.

While Chris Martin is crashing his ex-wife’s parties, there doesn’t seem to be much hope of a reunion. Gwyneth Paltrow just got back from a romantic trip to Italy with her new boyfriend, Glee co-creator Brad Falchuk.

[Image via Getty Images/Isaac Brekken]