Laqecia Herring, Deshon Thomas: ‘Fatal Attraction’ To Profile Brother, Sister Found Dead In Tallahassee, Florida Home

The murder of Laqecia Herring (Laquecia Herring) and her brother Sterling Connor will be profiled tonight on the newest episode of Fatal Attraction on TV One.

Fatal Attraction is a weekly program that focuses on African-American crime victims. Tonight’s episode will detail the events that led to the death of Laqecia Herring, who was 21 weeks pregnant, and her brother Sterling Connor. 17-year-old Deshon R. Thomas, Herring’s on-again-off-again boyfriend and father of her unborn child, was convicted in the case, according to WCTV.

The horrific murder was discovered in January 2013 by the mother and surviving brother of Laqecia Herring, 20, and Sterling Connor, 16. The two family members had decided to pay a visit to Laqecia since she was not answering her phone. As the mother and brother entered the residence located at 1740 Corey Wood Circle in the Wolf Creek Subdivision, they saw Laqecia’s baby girl sitting in her lap. After trying to awaken Laqecia, they realized that she was dead. The victim’s brother Sterling Connor was also found under a pile of comforters on the floor of the living room in front of the television. He was also dead.

Police were dispatched to the scene. An autopsy report showed that no defensive wounds were found on the victims, and there was no disruption to the residence — indicating that the brother and sister were caught unaware. With no sign of forced entry, the killing was a mystery.

Digging through Laqecia’s background, law enforcement investigators learned that she had been involved with a boy named Deshon Thomas, a young man who was not in a position to take care of himself, let alone Laqecia and her baby. The relationship had its share of problems because Laqecia wanted to create a family life with Deshon Thomas, but Thomas made it clear that he did not want to take care of a family. The relationship became even more strained once Laqecia told Deshon that she was pregnant with his child. Deshon Thomas wanted her to have an abortion. The victim agreed but later decided to keep her baby, which angered Deshon Thomas.

It was then that he decided to kill her, prosecutors allege. A neighbor remembered seeing a very scary figure entering the residence the night before the murders and the night of the murders. Though the neighbor was unable to make out the person’s face, she did see that the person was wearing a hoodie and acting in a strange manner, giving her the immediate feeling that something was deadly wrong.

Deshon Thomas denied knowing anything about the murder, claiming that he was home smoking marijuana and drinking on the night of the murders. His roommate eventually confessed to driving Deshon to the home and driving him to another location to get rid of the weapon. Once he was arrested, Deshon Rashad Thomas tried to hire a gang member to kill his roommate. In 2013, a jury found him guilty or murder and sentenced him to life in prison.

Deshon Thomas as he appears today. He is serving out his life sentence in a Florida correctional facility.
Deshon Thomas as he appears today. He is serving out his life sentence in a Florida correctional facility.

Deshon Thomas’ family believes that he is innocent of the murder of Laqecia. He also suggests that the two never really had a solid relationship and says Laqecia was involved with another man at the time of the murder. They have compiled their information regarding the case at their websites 1 and 2.

Don’t forget to tune into Fatal Attraction tonight on TV One at 10/9 central.

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