Lindsey Vonn, Scarlet Gown Stunner, Shares Low Carb High Fat Weight Loss Diet: How LCHF Ketogenic Diets Work [Video]

Lindsey Vonn sizzled in scarlet at the ESPY Awards. The 30-year-old ex-girlfriend of Tiger Woods rocked the red carpet and stunned onstage during her presentation segment as well, reported the Daily Mail.

With a sky-high slit, the gown showed off Lindsey’s curvy figure. Vonn’s scarlet gown was sleeveless, and she complemented her appearance with heels that made her almost six-feet tall.

In addition to her red carpet appearance, Vonn was nominated as the Best Female Athlete. Her competition included MMA fighter Ronda Rousey, tennis star Serena Williams, and basketball beauty Breanna Stewart.

After coming back from two injuries that severely damaged her knees, Lindsey also enjoyed being the sole woman in the Best Comeback Athlete category. Her competition there included Rob Gronkowski, Alex Rodriguez, and Derrick Rose. Vonn won her 63rd World Cup win in January, putting her on top of the list of female skiers.

Lindsey also presented an award with Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. Vonn flaunted that scarlet gown as she gave the Best Breakthrough Athlete Award to Little League pitcher Mo’ne Davis.

And Lindsey revealed even more of her sleek physique in Under Armor’s “I Will What I Want” ads. Focused on the company’s sports bras, the ads also feature Gisele Bundchen, ballerina Misty Copeland, soccer phenom Kelley O’Hara, and surfing legend Brianna Cope.

So how did Tiger’s ex get that fabulous figure, in addition to skiing up a storm? Credit Lindsey’s new high-fat low carb diet, reported E News.

“I’m on a new diet,” said Vonn. “I’m on a really high fat diet, which is odd. I eat bacon and avocados and I own butter. You know, just eat a lot of fat.”

How does a high-fat diet work to sculpt a body that stuns in scarlet? Low-carb diet experts such as Dr. Atkins and Gary Taubes have theorized that trying to follow the traditional advice of going on a low-fat diet and avoiding fat but eating plenty of carbohydrates actually leads to obesity, reported Science 2.0.

Taubes in particular contends that the evidence often cited to recommend low-fat diets is erroneous, causing weight gain rather than loss. In contrast, diets higher in fat and lower in carbohydrates, such as Lindsey’s new plan, sometimes called LCHF or ketogenic diets, are the way to go to take off the pounds, according to Taubes’ research.

In addition, as the Inquisitr reported, weight management expert Dr. William Lagakos recommends complementing that low-carb diet by eating earlier in the day and getting more sleep to boost weight loss.

“So what’s the hack? Food: do more of it, earlier in the day. Phase advance. Kind of like avoiding artificial light at night.”

By turning off the cell phone, the tablet, and even the television hours prior to going to bed instead of while you’re in bed, Lagakos cites studies showing that you can sleep more soundly. Add in eating earlier in the day, and you just might have the formula for weight loss success — and a figure like Vonn’s.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]