Kim Hyun Joong Court Case: Ex-Girlfriend Provides ‘Proof’ Of Miscarriage, But It Doesn’t Prove Anything At All

Since 2014, Kim Hyun Joong — K-drama star of Boys Over Flowers and K-pop idol member of SS501 — has been in numerous legal battles in court with his ex-girlfriend known simply as “Choi.” Though originally a domestic abuse case, the situation has now evolved into a peculiar case of paternity. First, it was miscarried pregnancy followed by another pregnancy, which Choi’s legal team revealed via the child’s due date. Hyun Joong’s legal team demanded proof, which Choi’s legal team failed at providing, resulting in the former preparing to counter-sue the latter.

Now, there is recent news that Choi’s legal team attempted to provide proof of her first pregnancy’s miscarriage. Unfortunately for her, Kim Hyun Joong’s legal team is claiming that said proof doesn’t prove anything at all.

Earlier on in the court case pertaining to the first pregnancy, Kim Hyun Joong’s legal team demanded that Choi provide medical records from the clinics she visited after her assault injuries. These records were to help ascertain if Choi did indeed suffer a miscarriage, as detailed by KdramaStars. Eventually, five clinics provided Choi’s medical records, but Lee Jae Man, Hyun Joong’s attorney, states not one of them shows any proof of a miscarriage.

The ultrasounds from a clinic — designated with the letter “A” — showed no signs of a pregnancy. This includes an ultrasound on May 20, 2014 and another one a little under a month later on June 13, 2014, as detailed by Lee Jae Man.

“Ms. Choi claimed that she received treatment following her miscarriage from the ‘A’ OB/GYN, but there is no record of it at all.”

The other two clinics — designated with the letters “B” and “C” — were for orthopedics in association to Choi’s assault injuries, as reported by Soompi. What’s peculiar is the fact that Choi visited both clinics but only received an injury certificate from one of them.

Right now, Choi is suing Kim Hyun Joong for a total of 1.6 billion won (about $1.4 million USD). However, that may all change now that Hyun Joong has formally filed his counter-suit of 1.2 billion won (about $1 million USD) on July 11, 2015. The second trail date in this legal matter is scheduled for July 22, 2015.

[Image via Kim Hyun Joong’s Official Facebook Page]