‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 4 BOTB Results Are In, ‘BB17’ Has Sole HOH Again

Big Brother 17 spoilers from early Saturday include the Week 4 Battle of the Block results. The BB17 house now has a sole Head of Household in charge again, with two nominees for eviction scrambling already. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Shelli Poole nominated Jason Roy and John McGuire for eviction, while Liz Nolan nominated James Huling and Jackie Ibarra for eviction. A report from fan site Big Brother Network confirmed on Saturday (July 18), that James and Jackie won the BOTB, leaving Shelli as the sole HOH in the BB17 house.

This means that Jason and John are left on the block, forcing them to face a tough week before the next eviction ceremony. Shelli wants Jason to be the next houseguest sent packing, meaning he may need to win the Week 4 Veto competition (likely held late Saturday) if he wants to remain in the game. His unfortunate revelation is that he has to face off against John, who has become somewhat of a Veto winning expect so far this season.

Now prior to these BOTB results, Big Brother 17 spoilers had indicated that Shelli was trying to get out of being HOH so she could compete in the Week 5 competition. Shelli had told several people in her alliance that this was the week they would be using the “backdoor” Audrey Middleton option, with Liz staying as the HOH. The other option would have been to simply vote James Huling out of the BB17 house if the nominations remained the same. Now her options have become quite limited with this result. That should certainly present some interesting footage for the Sunday episode (July 19).

Shelli Poole and her alliance, which roughly includes Austin Matelson, Liz Nolan, Clay Honeycutt, and Vanessa Rousso, has to win the Veto to keep the nominations the same. That would be Shelli’s easiest route to getting Jason Roy out of the house will very little drama. What would be the worst case scenario for her is if Audrey Middleton won the Veto and saved Jason from the block. It would then force Shelli to put someone unsuspecting next to John. That might also be a worst case scenario for John, as he could then get voted out.

The Week 4 Veto competition is expected to take place later on Saturday, meaning more Big Brother 17 spoilers should be coming out shortly. Until then, John McGuire has some work to do in the BB17 house to make sure he doesn’t become the pawn that goes home this week.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]