Psy In Car Crash: ‘Gangnam Style’ Singer Crashes Cherry Red Rolls-Royce [Video]

Psy, the Korean singer best known for the hit song “Gangnam Style,” which has gotten almost 2.3 billion views on YouTube, was involved in a car crash with a bus on July 16, reports Channel News Asia, after the Rolls-Royce Psy was in collided with a passenger bus.

Psy’s management company, YG Entertainment, released a statement on July 17 about the car crash. Although it isn’t clear where Psy was headed, according to Channel News Asia, Psy was heading to a party in Hangzhou, China when his car slammed into the back of a bus. However, the Mirror states Psy “was heading from the airport in East China’s Zhejiang province to his hotel.” Psy, his manager, and a Chinese employee were in the car, but no one was hurt, although there was damage to the singer’s Rolls-Royce and the bus.

Sky News reports that “[p]hotos taken from the scene showed the vehicle’s grille lying in the road and visible damage to the front of the car,” and that Psy was “reportedly in the city for an opening party for a bar.” It’s not known who was driving at the time of the car crash.

The force of the car crash caused the Rolls-Royce’s bumper to come off, and there was damage the bus’ door. Following the incident, Psy was transported to the party in a Porsche, which cleared the way in front of the damaged Rolls-Royce so the hit maker could get in. Psy reportedly left the scene of the crash immediately.

It was revealed last year that “Gangnam Style,” sung by Psy, is YouTube’s most watched video ever, with 2.3 billion views since it was uploaded in December 2012, reports the Mirror.

Psy has sparked controversy in the past and was accused of anti-American sentiments, namely calling for the death of American servicemen. President Obama has been criticized for attending a performance given by Psy in the District of Columbia, according to the Washington Post, due to perceptions Psy is anti-American.

While the lyrics do criticize Americans, according to the Washington Post, however, the single translation from Korean to English was an incorrect translation.

“The lyrics, which appeared to call for the deaths of American servicemen and their families, are not actually his, but by a band he called N.EX.T, with whom Psy performed the song ‘Dear American’ at the now-famous 2004 show.”

Although reporters have requested statements from the singer’s management, neither Psy nor his representatives have returned calls to reporters regarding the car crash.

[Image credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]