The FBI #investifarted About 70 Leads, Says ‘Boston Globe’

It is not a good day to be the person in charge of the Boston Globe‘s Twitter account, as a typo indicating that the FBI had “investifarted about 70 leads” in the Chattanooga shooting (as previously reported on by the Inquisitr) has caused the #investifarted hashtag to start trending across Twitter.

As is being reported by E! Online, the Boston Globe had been live-tweeting the Chattanooga shooting investigation, when they indicated that the FBI’s Ed Reinhold said that the FBI had thus far “investifarted” about 70 leads. Not surprisingly, the rest of Twitter jumped on this as an opportunity to have some fun at the Globe‘s expense.

Twitter user and CEO/founder of Deep Focus Ian Schafer (@ischafer) was even quick to register the domain name, pointing it back to his own blog.

#investifarted has now made an appearance on Twitter’s Trends sidebar.

The Globe later published a correction on the tweet which read “FBI has investigated about 70 leads already,” but left the original tweet up for all to see, stating that it is the Globe‘s policy to “not delete typographical errors on Twitter, but do correct #investifarted.”

Meanwhile, other media outlets have been getting in on the fun, including Fortune, New York Magazine, and even MSNBC, according to Mediaite.

Presumably, the FBI will continue to “investifart,” regardless of public opinion.

Lest anyone get the wrong impression, the Chattanooga shootings are a tragedy, and not to be made light of casually. But a measure of humor in the wake of a tragedy is no bad thing; it’s part of what helps us recover our equilibrium, and #investifarted may be exactly what everyone needed to catch their collective breath. And, as one Twitter user put it: “No one is too mature for this. No one.”

Thus, as #investifarted continues to trend, let us all take a moment to giggle and reflect on the fact that we can, as the FBI continues investifarting the Chattanooga, Tennessee, shootings which occurred Thursday night. As of the latest updates, all four of the marines who were killed have been identified, and hundreds of federal agents continue to investigate. They have determined that shooter Muhammad Youssuf Abdulazeez had recently returned from a trip to Jordan in the Middle East, and that he had “distanced himself” after returning, according to a friend.

Stay classy, Twitter, and please remember to support the FBI in their efforts to “investifart” this tragic event.

[Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images]