Paris Hilton Shares ‘Throwback’ Photos Of Aunt Kim Richards

Paris Hilton shared two “Throwback Thursday” photos with fans on Instagram on July 16.

“Back in the day visiting my aunt @KimRichards11 on set of her movie “Tuff Turf” #parishilton #ThrowbackThursday,” read the caption of Paris Hilton’s first photo, which included Richards holding her as a baby.

Along with Paris Hilton’s second photo, which also included her mother, Kathy, she wrote, “Chilling with my beautiful mom @KathyHilton & aunt @KimRichards11. #BabyParis #ThrowbackThursday.”

Paris Hilton is the niece of Richards, who previously starred on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and while it used to be Hilton making headlines, Richards has taken the throne as of late — and it hasn’t been good. Following Richards’ April 16 arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel, the child actress-turned-reality star has attended a number of treatment programs to address her ongoing struggles with addiction.

After entering her first treatment center in late April, Richards left the facility to attend her daughter Brooke Brinson’s wedding. In addition to Paris Hilton, several members of the Hilton/Richards family were in attendance and supporting Richards during her visit. However, Richards sadly suffered what was believed to be another relapse, and she missed her deadline to return to rehab, forcing her to enter a separate facility when she returned home to Los Angeles. Weeks later, Richards entered a third facility for unknown reasons and remained there for 30 days before leaving over the weekend.

While Paris Hilton didn’t mention any personal details about Richards or her rehab stay, it was nice to see her reach out, especially considering rumors have been swirling in regard to possible family abandonment.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Paris Hilton’s uncle, Monty Brinson, recently spoke out about Richards and her family, claiming they were on good terms, despite reports claiming Richards’ daughters, including Brooke Brinson, had grown frustrated with Richards for leaving treatment earlier than planned.

“Kim checked into voluntary because she wanted to help herself, no intervention or told her too. I’m proud of her because she 38 days sober. So proud of her for doing it in her own. In the tabloids they say the children have abandoned her which is a complete lie our daughter Brooke and her other children are so proud and by her 100% as well as the regarding the last post was that since everything happen she has been offered multiple things. Its not a comeback she been an actress since she was 4.”

Paris Hilton was not mentioned by Brinson.

[Photo via Instagram]