More Voters Turning to Internet for Information

To better understand the Internet’s role in the coming US Presidential election, online media and technology company Burst Media surveyed 4,095 adults who said they would definitely vote in the 2008 election.

The results indicate that television remains the primary source with 35.1% for information on candidate’s position on different issues. The Internet stands at second with 17.8% as source of voters for information.

When visiting a candidate’s website, reading positions on major campaign issues is the most popular activity (54.1%). Other activities include watching a video clip (41.4%), signing-up to receive email alerts (29.2%), sending an email (22.1%), leaving a comment (20.2%), making an online donation (18.0%), and signing-up to volunteer (11.9%).

“Political advocacy and information provided via the Internet serve as a great touch point for voters of all demographic groups,” said Chuck Moran, VP of Marketing for Burst Media. “The targeting capabilities of online resources can also serve to granularly present information to niche constituents. Candidates that present interactive, content rich information in a variety of formats will be able to reach the broadest array of voters.”

With the US Presidential race heating up, what is your source of information to know the candidates and their positions on different issues? How does the Internet play in your quest for information? Don’t tell me it’s just about watching Paris Hilton’s video.