Briana Culberson Is Seeing Red: Could Vicki Gunvalson Get Married To Brooks Ayers?

Briana Culberson has been very vocal about not liking her mother’s boyfriend on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Briana doesn’t like how he lies about all kinds of things, including lying about being abusive with Vicki Gunvalson. While Vicki has defended him, many people believe that she could do so much better. And Culberson is keeping a distance from both him and them together.

Briana Culberson is currently living in Oklahoma, far away from her mother’s relationship drama and Brooks’ cancer diagnosis. But if new reports are to be believed, Culberson may be very upset with her mother. Vicki settled her divorce from Don and is now paying him spousal support, and yet she could be thinking about getting married again.

According to a new Radar Online report, Briana Culberson is not thrilled with the idea of her mother possibly getting married again, especially not to a man who she really doesn’t like.

“Vicki has been talking marriage with Brooks, and wants to make it official,” an insider has revealed, adding, “She truly believes that Brooks is meant to be her partner for the rest of their lives. Her kids are grown and have lives of their own, and she is head over heels in love with Brooks.”

Ayers was diagnosed with cancer last year, and Gunvalson decided to move him into her home so she could take care of him. Briana Culberson feels that he is using her for her money and the opportunity to be on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Of course, the talks of marriage are making Briana furious.

“This is all making Briana see red,” the source has said, adding, “She thinks Brooks is just using her mom as a nurse and will dump her once he becomes healthy. It makes Briana crazy to see Brooks just move into her mom’s house, and essentially live off of her! Briana thinks Brooks just wants to be a celebrity.”

According to the Inquisitr, the relationship is supposedly better than ever, as the cancer has brought them closer. But maybe there is still a long way to the altar. Maybe Briana Culberson can relax a little because he doesn’t seem too eager to marry Vicki.

“However, Brooks isn’t ready to take the next step because of his cancer diagnosis,” the source continues, adding, “He wants to be given the all clear from his doctors before marrying Vicki. He is ready to make his life in Orange County with Vicki permanent, but won’t do so until the cancer is gone or in remission.”

What do you think about Briana Culberson getting involved?

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