Play As The Opposite Faction With The Upcoming ‘World of Warcraft’ Mercenary Mode

David Stonecipher - Author

Nov. 3 2016, Updated 2:25 p.m. ET

Player verses player combat is quite vicious in World of Warcraft. As part of either the Horde or the Alliance, players band together to defeat the opposing faction in open-world PvP and instanced zones like battlegrounds and arenas. Some players value their faction pride highly and freely use the /spit command to degrade enemy corpses before slaying another dirty gnome or tauren. However, keeping the factions together when queuing for battlegrounds or the open-world Ashran zone of the Warlords of Draenor expansion is about to change.

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In an official blog post on the World of Warcraft website, a new Mercenary Mode has been announced. This optional mode allows players from one faction to fight alongside the, usually, opposition in order to shorten queue times. For example, if Horde players are experiencing lengthy queues for non-rated battlegrounds or Ashran, a few gnomes, night elves, or humans will be placed on the Horde team to start a match sooner. This Mercenary Mode option will not always be available and players will have to opt in to be placed on the enemy team’s roster.


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