‘Big Brother 17’: Will Sexism Get Jeff Weldon Evicted? [Spoilers]

A recent Daily Beast article claimed that Big Brother brings out the worst in people (specifically, men). As an example, the Beast cited allegations that Jeff Weldon made a sexual advance against housemate Liz Nolan. The article also recalled Big Brother 16‘s Caleb Reynolds, who had a “stalkerish obsession” with fellow contestant Amber Borzotra.

Weldon and his Amazing Race teammate Jackie Ibarra were announced on premiere night as the final two additions to the cast. Although Jackie has laid low, Jeff has been active in the house, particularly in his interactions with Nolan. Liz is actually two people: she’s been swapping with her twin sister, Julia, as part of a game twist.

A Bustle piece from this week outlines the offensive comments Jeff has made about and towards Liz, offering it as justification for his eviction. Liz/Julia are not oblivious. One Twitter user posted a portion of the Big Brother 17 live feed, where Julia says she is going to warn her sister to stay away from Jeff.

[Warning: the following contains Big Brother 17 live feed spoilers.]

This week, Vanessa Rousso is Head of Household. She expressed her desire to get rid of Jeff in part because of his attitude towards women.

John McGuire won the Power of Veto competition, and Jeff Weldon was the renom. That was part of Vanessa’s original plan, as she’d made it clear to her alliance member Austin that her targets were Jeff and James. By the looks of the live feed negotiations, as documented by Big Brother Network, Jeff will fall far short of the votes he needs to stay.

So, is Jeff Weldon really as sexist as he comes across? His official Big Brother 17 bio does not do him any favors. The blurb under his biographical details implies Weldon knows he has a certain view of women that he may or may not be inclined to change.

“Jeff admits he’s finally ready to transition from d***hey guy to gentleman—someday soon. He says he only dates attractive women, but knows that he needs to start focusing on what they have to offer besides their outer shells.”

BBN says Jeff is likely to get two or three votes. Ibarra will vote for him to stay, as will John. Audrey Middleton may or may not throw a vote his way, because of her trend of voting against the house.

The Power of Veto competition and ceremony airs Wednesday night at 8 p.m. The season’s third live eviction airs Thursday at 9 p.m.

Big Brother 17 is broadcast on CBS.

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