‘Deez Nuts’: WelvenDaGreat Appears Spliced Into Childrens’ Videos Across Internet

In its never-ending ability to deliver surprising and unexpected sensations, the Internet has delivered another rising star. An Instagram user going by the name WelvenDaGreat, who was the subject of a widely-watched video of what appears to be the Internet star speaking with a customer service agent and blurting into the telephone, “Deez nuts!,” has continued to attract attention. Kendrick Lamar is set to portray Welven in an upcoming Taylor Swift video.

WelvenDaGreat’s real name is reported to be Welven Harris, and rumors are circling concerning a story published in Daily Media Buzz, which stated that he has been arrested for assault by the North Hollywood Police Department. His Instagram account links to a site, represent.com/welvendagreat, reporting that he is available for booking. Welven’s fame and notoriety continue to spread like wildfire.

Original ‘Deez Nuts’ Video

The phrase, “deez nuts,” has become increasingly popular among children. A sixth-grader recently learned a hard lesson with regard to prank 911 calls when he called up the emergency line and declared “Deez nuts!” into the telephone for the dispatcher to hear. Authorities can quickly track prank calls made to emergency numbers.

Here are some examples of how users have taken this clip and used it to create a “deez nuts” punchline in a manner that has attracted a large following of fans, a fair number of whom appear to be children. Note the “deez nuts” connection with cartoon characters.

Anime ‘Deez Nuts’

Here, a computer graphics artist has gone to the trouble of creating a well done anime recreation.

Goku ‘Deez Nuts’

WelvenDaGreat joins Goku.

More Cartoon ‘Deez Nuts’


Some of the user-generated videos even play the clip on loops, where WelvenDaGreat can be heard saying “deez nuts” over and over again. That users have gravitated to childrens’ characters has raised the concern of parents, who have wondered where the expression came from. Some of the videos are quite harmless, which is what we have attempted to share here. Others involve varying levels of profanity and questionable content.

That the video and audio of the “deez nuts” video is so annoying lends itself to the fact that WelvenDaGreat appears to be playing a prank in the original video itself. Perhaps pranking a friend with a “deez nuts” telephone call may be a funny lark, but police and fire departments will have adults and parents of children who use the 911 system as a toy charged, with little feelings of remorse, for what they see as irresponsible behavior.

Minecraft “Deez Nuts”

There is no shortage of Welven and his “deez nuts” clip on the Internet. What do you think about WelvenDaGreat and the “deez nuts” buzz?