Katie Maloney Receives Flowers From Lisa Vanderpump And Ken Todd Following Tom Schwartz Engagement

Katie Maloney and her fiance, Tom Schwartz, received a special gift from her bosses, Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd, on July 14. A short time later, Katie Maloney shared a photo of the gift on Twitter.

Katie Maloney has been close with Vanderpump and Todd for many years, and during the third season of Vanderpump Rules, Maloney and Vanderpump were seen having a heart-to-heart about Schwartz’s failure to propose. At the time, Maloney revealed Schwartz had teased her with a ring on a string, which she previously told him never to get her.

“Don’t give me a ring unless it’s the ring,” Katie Maloney had said.

Katie Maloney and her longtime boyfriend were at odds over the impending proposal for months, but after filming on season 3 wrapped, they appeared to be in a better, more stable, place, and, as the Inquisitr previously reported, Maloney was confident Schwartz would soon propose.

“I’m confident now that a proposal is coming,” she explained to Cupid’s Pulse in March.

“We’re in the best place that we’ve been in. We went through hell, and we decided that our relationship is important to us both. We’re committed equally to it, and I think we’re more in love than we have been.”

Katie Maloney, who has enjoyed an array of friendships on the Bravo reality series, claimed she and Schwartz weren’t quite ready for children, but said that when the time comes, she’s all for starting a family.

“I definitely want us to enjoy being married for a bit before we start having kids. And that’s why I want to get the ball moving — I’m young, but I’m not getting younger!”

Thoughout season 3, Katie Maloney made it known that she wouldn’t wait for a proposal forever, and even went as far as giving Schwartz a six-month deadline. Then, after thinking about it more, Maloney decided to go back on her comment, and allow Schwartz to propose when he was ready, which he did.

Since the engagement happened during filming on Vanderpump Rules season 4, fans will likely see the moment on the show. However, without any photos of a camera crew filming, it’s hard to know for sure.

For more Katie Maloney, tune into Vanderpump Rules season 4, when the series premieres later this year on Bravo.

[Photo via Twitter]