Will Ariana Grande Be Able To Escape Her Donut-Licking Scandal? [Report]

Ariana Grande has since apologized since her donut-licking scandal over the Fourth of July weekend. Not only was the 22-year-old singer seen licking donuts left out on display, but she was also heard making anti-American remarks on video. Now it seems like there’s conflicting reports on whether Ariana will face charges for “donutgate.”

It was previously assumed that Wolfee Donuts owner, Joe Marin, was pressing charges against the singer for licking and spitting on the donuts. The Hollywood Life claims that they got the scoop that Marin is moving forward with his charges against Grande. The donut shop owner supposedly told the celebrity gossip site that he doesn’t understand why other media outlets are reporting that he’s not moving forward with the charges.

Wolfee Donuts’ health rating dropped from an A to B after a health inspector said that their dishwasher “wasn’t up to standards.” It also didn’t help the matter that Ariana notoriously licked and spat on the donuts that were left out on the counter by accident. Because of this, Ariana could be facing some heavy charges. The Hollywood Life claims that they received a statement from the Elsinore Police Department on Monday, July 13.

“The owner of Wolfee donuts declined to press charges against Ms. Grande and this incident was documented to assist the Department of Environmental Health only. Any questions regarding this incident can be directed to the Department of Environmental Health.”

Meanwhile, both the Los Angeles Times and TMZ have a different story to tell. Both outlets claim that Marin has decided not to press charges against Grande, according to the authorities that spoke with these sites. A rep for the Riverside County Sherrif’s Department supposedly spoke with TMZ about the donut-licking scandal. The rep says that Marin will not press charges against Grande and that “donutgate” is over, for now anyway.

So which media outlet is telling the truth? The Hollywood Life has been slammed by the Gossip Cop, along with celebs like Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, and Selena Gomez for telling fictional stories about their alleged affairs. However, the Hollywood Life was one of the first media outlets to get the exclusive photos of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez hanging out at the same Beverly Hills hotel this past weekend. On the flip side, the gossip site also reported about Ariana Grande’s “affair” with the Biebs and Selena Gomez’s secret pregnancy.

Outlets like TMZ and the Los Angeles Times are often reputable. No other outlets have ever questioned their sources. However, celebs like Tyga have slammed TMZ for also creating false stories about his financial struggles and cheating scandals. It’s hard to tell which outlet is telling the truth about the Ariana Grande donut-licking scandal.

Fans have been sharing their support for Ariana amid this controversy. The hashtag #WeForgiveYouAri trended worldwide on Twitter after the singer released her apology via YouTube. Now, Ariana’s fans are showing their support by posting their own donut-licking photos on Instagram with the message: “If she licks, we all lick!” The good thing is that the fans are licking emoji donuts, and not actual donuts.

Which media outlet do you believe in this Ariana Grande-donut licking scandal? Do you think Joe Marin should press charges? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]