Eugene Mirman, ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Star, Buys Full-Page Ad To Protest $15 Ticket

Comedian Eugene Mirman was apparently not very happy about a parking ticket issued to him in New Hampshire last June.

Even though the parking ticket was only $15, the 40-year-old Bob’s Burgers star claims that the ticket was a total injustice since it was issued because of him parking in the “wrong direction” in Portsmouth.

Mirman decided to share his complaint with the rest of the world — but not through a lengthy blog or social media post. Eugene decided to buy a full-page ad in a local paper in Portsmouth.

In the purchased space, Eugene had a self-written lengthy letter printed which went into vast detail about the events leading to the parking ticket as well as Eugene’s strong opinion on what he called a “great disappointment.”

After addressing the letter specifically to the Parking Clerk’s office and the city of Portsmouth, Eugene Mirman opened by talking about the wonderful day that he and his girlfriend had in the city before the incident occurred.

“Last June I had a wonderful day walking around your historic downtown with my girlfriend. I bought two puppets… We stopped in cute shops, ate a popover and saw Black David Cross. It was nice.”

Eugene then goes on to explain that the parking ticket on his windshield was a big surprise — especially since he only used two of his three paid hours.

The thought of receiving a parking ticket in advance led to quite a few references to the 2002 Steven Spielberg film Minority Report.

“How’d you know I’d be back early? Do you have a PreCrime division? Why are your PreCogs working on traffic tickets? Shouldn’t they be out preventing Street Performers before they happen?”

However, when he realized the official purpose of the issued parking ticket, that was when his attitude changed — and the tone of his full-page letter completely shifts from comedy to criticism.

“I read the violation—we backed into a spot and were being fined $15 for being ‘parked in the wrong direction.’ What kind of horse$&it charge is that? It’s illegal to back into a spot? Before I embarrass myself, I want to make sure that Portsmouth is still inside the United States and not considered a part of Iran?”

Eugene Mirman
Eugene Mirman buys one-page ad to protest parking ticket

After targeting the online website, the “outdated” phone number for the official ordinance, the state motto/quote and the person behind it, Mirman closes his letter by explaining how disgusted General John Stark would be with the city of Portsmouth.

“General Stark would then be disgusted ti discover that Portsmouth doesn’t even give people the freedom to back into a spot — which by your own state’s twisted logic, turns my $15 ticket — into a fight to the death. With great disappointment in you, Eugene Mirman.”

The full letter, which was shared on Reddit Sunday, has gone viral since it was first posted online.

This is not the first time that Eugene Mirman bought a full-page ad to make a point. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Mirman also paid for an ad back in 2011 to call Time Warner Cable “an ill-run Soviet factory.”

[Image Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images & Reddit]