Brandy Norwood Sang Beautifully On N.Y.C. Subway – But No One Cared

Brandy recently performed on a New York City subway – and was ignored by almost every single passenger.

The 36-year-old singer was disguised in her casual clothes – backpack, sunglasses, and a hoodie. Therefore, it was not as if Brandy walked onto the subway openly exposed to the public eye and was ignored.

From an outside perspective, it may have seemed as if another aspiring singer just wanted to show off her talents in a public setting – something that happens frequently on metropolitan subways.

Brandy wrote about the experience (and being ignored) on her official blog. She opened the blog by discussing how much she has enjoyed living in New York since she first moved to the Big Apple back in April.

“I’ve hung out in Central Park, Times Square, ridden the bus, and I’ve gotten accustomed to taking the subway too. I feel like a real New Yorker. I’m learning the streets and everything, y’all! There’s something different about NY. The energy and the drive of the people is just DIFFERENT. I like it!”

Brandy further explained that she and Frank Silent were taking the subway after she finished working out at the gym – which would explain her casual attire. Singing on the subway was apparently a spontaneous decision for The Game actress and Broadway singer.

Brandy singing gets annoyed on the train, Tyrese is selling his album via Brooklyn subway. what in the world is going on

— ∀aнil (@HeStayOnHisDeen) July 14, 2015

However, chances are that she did not expect to get ignored by the other passengers.

According to her blog, the “fun-filled morning” left Brandy Norwood asking, “Can a sista get ONE fan?”

[Image Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images]