LeBron James In Akron, Ohio: Watch LeBron Take 'Trainwreck' Stars Amy Schumer, Bill Hader To Swensons [Video]

LeBron James is trying his hand at acting, as reported by the Inquisitr. Now LeBron, who can be seen in the NSFW Trainwreck movie trailer, is making news for taking his co-stars around his hometown for the movie premiere. Those who know and love Akron will recognize familiar haunts right off of West Market Street in the Montrose area of the city, bordering the Bath Township location where LeBron's house resides.

Trainwreck: The Sequel Starring Amy Schumer And LeBron James, But Not Bill Hader from Judd Apatow.

In the video clip from Funny or Die, James can be seen sitting in a convertible, taking his costars to Swenson's as Schumer gives the workers a warning that she doesn't want to be late for the premiere of the movie. Director Judd Apatow joins Hader and Amy in the car, as the group discusses a sequel idea. LeBron thinks his character should console Amy, reports NewsNet5,‎ after Hader's character dies in a crazy accident proposed for the sequel. James even mentioned taking over as director of the Trainwreck sequel, leaving Apatow to twist in the wind and beg the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar to allow him to co-direct.

The Funny or Die clip has been shared 13,000 times or more on Facebook.As expected, LeBron's return to his hometown for the movie premiere in Akron -- which was attended by those who received special invitations to the premiere at the Regal Theater in Montrose -- caused buzz online.Schumer humorously told the press that she wrote James into her movie because he's the only basketball player she'd ever heard of, true to her character in Trainwreck, who famously calls the Orlando Magic the Orlando "Blooms" in the trailer.Indeed, watching LeBron take his costars to Swenson's makes fans of the burger joint crave a Mint Whip shake.LeBron says he took his acting role in Trainwreck pretty seriously.

[Image via Funny or Die]