Shannon Beador Talks Details Of Husband’s Affair Not Caught On Camera And Attempts To Save Marriage

Shannon Beador says although some people may think she needs to get over her husband’s affair already, what fans of the Real Housewives of Orange County are seeing play out is what she and David went through to save their marriage.

Although fans again saw Shannon Beador becoming upset with her husband during Monday’s episode of RHOC, editing made it seem as if the reality star was just lashing out at David for no reason and did not tell the whole story, according to Shannon. In her latest Bravo blog published Tuesday, the Orange County Housewife expresses frustration that fans are seeing every negative moment between the two, but the couple want fans to know the truth of what they are going through in an attempt to save their marriage.

“It is very frustrating to me that you are seeing every single negative moment I am having with David, but they all did happen and it is important to the both of us that the truth is shown. Wish there was more of a focus on the happy times because we have definitely had many at this point, but I know you will seeing them soon.”

For those fans who think Shannon should be over David Beador’s affair at this point in the season, the RHOC star says that is not how things work and explains why she was so upset with her husband during Monday’s episode.

“I was upset because I had learned the previous day that David and his affair frequented certain lunch spots where I know some people that work there and some of the clientele that go there. For those people that say I need to buck up and be stronger, they don’t understand that each time I receive a new piece of information that I was deceived, it is like a new knife in my heart. It is both painful to take in and humiliating at the same time.”

As Us Weekly reports, Shannon asked for a list of restaurants David and his mistress frequented and cameras did not follow the couple behind closed doors after her request. According to the reality star, her husband provided the list.

“I asked David to give me a list of all the restaurants they went to. That way, there would be no more surprises, no more secrets. Of course, it wasn’t a pleasant day to receive that list. But now I have moved passed it and no longer have to wonder where they used to meet.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, David and Shannon Beador decided to chronicle their marriage struggles to millions of viewers during RHOC Season 10 in the hopes that others dealing with infidelity can look to the couple as role models on what it takes to repair a marriage torn apart by cheating.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

[Image by Michael Kovac / Getty Images]