‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Star Kim Richards Left Rehab To Focus On Career?

Beverly Hills reality star Kim Richards is reportedly ready to get back to her career. After completing what was believed to be a 30-day rehab program, the former Real Housewives star has allegedly left rehab in hopes of reviving her once-booming career in the world of acting.

On July 14, a source told Radar Online the following information in regard to the Beverly Hills native.

“Kim left the inpatient program. But she will continue to do outpatient. She said that she was finally cured and is ready to get on with her life because she has so many projects right now and in-patient rehab does not fit into her schedule.”

Since Richards was reportedly booted from her gig on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it is unclear what she is hoping to get back to when it comes to her “projects,” but, as the Inquisitr previously reported, her ex-husband, Monty Brinson, did recently hint at an upcoming return to the spotlight. According to a Radar Online report at the time, Brinson posted the following message to his Instagram account.

“Kim checked into voluntary because she wanted to help herself, no intervention or told her too. I’m proud of her because she 38 days sober. So proud of her for doing it in her own. In the tabloids they say the children have abandoned her which is a complete lie our daughter Brooke and her other children are so proud and by her 100% as well as the regarding the last post was that since everything happen she has been offered multiple things. Its not a comeback she been a actress since she was 4.”

Brinson also claimed Richards looked at The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as a job, while others looked at it as a way to gain fame and fortune.

The Radar Online source went on to reveal that while the Beverly Hills reality star felt she was ready to leave treatment earlier this week, others felt differently. In fact, said the source, “almost everyone” at the facility advised her to remain in treatment for a longer term, but she didn’t listen.

Richards has struggled with addiction for years, and some of her hardships were documented for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 is currently in production. No word yet on a possible guest role for Richards.

[Photo via Twitter]